Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week 37: No Bad News Means Thanks to The Lord

Dear Reader

We are week 37, so, we'll be welcoming a new family member very soon. This morning, Yukyin went to the MCH for her weekly check-up. She got an appointment with a doctor directly, no need to go through two nurses this time.

The doctor said that everything is fine, so no need to worry. I like the sounds of this sentence hehehe.

Anyway, everything seems in His Godly hands, so I'll just give Him praises and let us live in His blessings for the moment. Need to remind myself that God is with us in time of turmoil as well as in time of peace.

Glory to Him.

1000 Visitors Mark

Dear Reader,

Just got 1000 visitors :), the 1000th visitor is Canadian.

Hehehe, just a short post to say that's it's cool. It may not sound a lot, but the frequent readers list has been growing lately... especially since I hooked up the blog with facebook/flickr/live accounts. People from around the world comes to read it. In all those readers, I would like to know few things... There are two readers that come quite often and I don't have a clue of who are them. First, one people in Hungary and another one in Ireland. For the other ones, I pretty have an idea of who they are based on their location. My stats engine allows me to know few things, your IP, your location (city or area, I don't have an exact address don't worry). So, if someday you have the time, please just leave a say "Hi!" in the comments.

I will continue to post message about things happening around me.

Thanks for your visits :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Homecooking Adventures 2

Dear Reader,

Following our little tagliatelle story, we start to get the habit to get the camera out each time we cook something different (a la Eugene's style). Also, I give the basics ingredients for some of them, for the people that might want to try themselves to cooking....

So this week, we started up with something special :) Yukyin wanted to try shredded potato so we gave it a try:

Stir Fried Potato with Peppers:
Stir Fried Potato with peppers

A very simple plate, all you need are: minced pork, peppers (green, red and yellow) in slice and some shredded potatoes all stir-fried in this order. Add some chili for a really cool ahem... hot taste.

Then, Yukyin wanted to eat some Paella again ... It's quite a time consuming dish to make, so we wanted to have it before delivery occurs.

Paella 2:
Paella 2

For the recipe, contact us, it's a bit more difficult.

And the last one, a Stir Fried Lamb with a Fish Soup.

Stir Fried Lamb and a Fish Soup

I had this stir fried lamb in China during one of my factory visit... a great taste with a lot of parsley with a load of chilies. Tried to make the same at home but it's not turning the same, still a good taste, but a bit different.

For the soup, a sweet tasty wife made potato/tomato/fish soup :)

That's all folks! Have fun in your kitchen!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Week 36: in His time.

Dear Reader,

As I mentioned earlier, Yukyin went to the hospital today for a check-up. We spent the whole week thinking about decisions to make, flipping the baby upside down in her belly? c-section? etc.... Anyway, I told Yukyin not to worry about and until this morning, she asked me what to decide if the doctor asked us about this topic. I laid my family to the Lord and pray that He gave us wisdom in taking the right decision after hearing medical advice.

With that in mind, she went to the hospital. She waited... waited... read some ads, waited.. again... Looked at the ceiling... texted me on my phone... waited again...

Finally, a nurse came out to look for her and she saw the doctor. At first, they examined her and said that her belly is downsized and started to worry about the baby being too small. Then, they started the ultrasound scan and were "amazed", Yukyin was a bit nervous because she could not see the screen, but apparently, they were surprised by something... after few minutes checking and checking around Yukyin's navel, they finished the scan, wrote the report in the computer and said that: "Everything's fine"... They were afraid that baby was undersized but apparently, it's spot on the middle of baby's size range for this week.

Yukyin asked if baby has the possibility to turn back up... the doctor said that the head is perfectly sitting comfortably in the middle of her pelvic bone (not sure about the translation here). So, there is no reason for it to come back up. But still, we will pray that Yukyin has a smooth delivery.

Thanks for your prayers, now I can go change a bit our prayers' topic. We really thank Him for His blessings and one thing for sure, we are living her pregnancy in the middle of His care. "No need to worry, I'll be doing My job in My time, just trust Me", that's basically what He is telling us.

Next Hospital check up is programmed in three weeks (week 39 by then). In the meantime, she will return to the Health Care Center for the two coming weeks. We will also cancel this week Private OB appointment... (just save couple of hundreds of dollars :))...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 35 Check-Up: going back to Hospital

Dear Reader,

Yukyin went to the Health Center to have her bi weekly medical check-up. As I said two weeks ago, she needed to go through two nurses to confirm that they can't give us a solid answer on baby's presentation in her tummy. Then, they give her the possibility to be examined by a doctor. So, this week, she went back for the usual procedure, first, a nurse rubbed her tummy and she said that baby's head is definitively not in the lower position, but, she can't find it. There is something hard in the top, but she don't think it's the head. Then, she called another nurse (here we go again)... same results, no solid answer on where the head and they can't have a complete grasp on baby's presentation.

Then, they decide to ask a doctor to have her examined. The doctor measured up her tummy and it's a tad smaller than before, basically, it's same size as a month ago. She is quite worried about that. Even earlier, when the nurses found out that she was same weight as one month ago, they were worried. Anyway, doctor said same thing, baby's presentation is hard to guess, so she sent Yukyin back to the hospital for an eventual ultrasound scan. They prepared her file and allowed to leave the center.

Once at the hospital, Yukyin need to went though the whole paper process of the hospital, so she wait that they gave her an appointment with a doctor to be RE RE RE RE examined again... and see if they need to do an ultrasound scan.

I do understand that equipment are expensive and that Public Services should do whatever needed to efficiently use it, but when I see that you need to basically go through 4 nurses and 2 doctors in 3 weeks time to have no answer or maybe decide if you can get an ultrasound scan, it's a bit tiring... especially when you know that a ultrasound scan can give you a clear answer in 10 minutes. 6 people with no answer... against 1 people and 1 machine.

Anyway, if you have time, please pray for Yukyin's delivery as she is getting a bit nervous. Natural birth-> pain... C-Section-> painful recovery... That's what ticking her mind.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some Thoughts At Week 35

Dear reader,

Tonight, Yukyin wants to post something here so here we go!

"Dear All,
Tomorrow, I'll be week 35 and everything seems to go smoothly. A lot of excepting mums tell me that from week 32, they start to feel uneasy about their heavy tummy, not being able to sleep correctly, they frequently need to go to the lavatory during the night, her feet start to swell, they start to have frequent cramps, while I don't face any of these problems. Thus, I am quite happy with how things turn out, I can still take time to appreciate the fact that there is a little life inside me which fully depends on me 24h round the clock. I appreciate it so much that I still don't manage to realize that I will deliver in the next few weeks. Maybe, because everything is going so well, I did not realize it yet.

Also, from the beginning, I was told that from week 37, a baby is considered full-term, which means that from this week, the eventual birth of the baby is not considered premature. So I was even more persuaded in my mind that birth was still a distant future event. I completely forgot the possibility of premature birth.

Until lately, a friend of mine gave birth to a 5.2 lbs baby, another friend gave birth at week 30. Given my baby is already more than 5 lbs and that I am already week 35, I realized that.... it can come anytime! But the problem... is that it's still oriented the wrong way, I thought we had time, but due date is approaching and suddenly, I realized that in fact, due date is just a date... I can give birth anytime, even tonight! I started to get worried and nervous. But God and my husband were there and they both helped me found peace in my heart.

I really want to thank my husband because he takes time to think thoroughly about ways to support and comfort me at 3 AM in the night. I also really want to thank God, because I know that He is in control of everything and I am really grateful that He is granting me a very comfortable end of pregnancy.

Actually, I don't know if baby will turn upside down before delivery, but I deeply feel in myself that God helps me understand that He is the One taking care of me, right now, He is telling me that natural delivery or c-section... His way is the best for me.


Homemade Tagliatelle!

Dear Reader,
First, I am a guy who love to eat. I really appreciate things that tastes good. Lately, we told you about our cooking experiment with the ginger vinegar soup and I hope you enjoyed it. It is not finished yet, Pork feet and eggs will come soon.

In fact, the idea of talking about food has been running in circle in our head since some time when we discovered Eugene's facebook profile... Yeah... you again... :D. I like your kitchen adventures, so we started ours.

Also, the Hong Kong average gal or guy (at least part of my friends) does not cook at all and eat out their three daily meals... I just wanted to show them that it's not so hard... it can get really fun and really tasty.

Today, I will talk about homemade tagliatelle. In fact, it's very very easy to make pasta... recipe is simple, flour and eggs, 1 eggs for every 100gr of flour, so, if 300gr, 3 eggs, 500gr, 5 eggs ... etc... :)

I started with 300gr and 3 eggs, it's enough for both of us plus my lunch box.

1. Pour everything in a mixer and fire it up until you obtain some kind of smooth and consistent dough. Add flour if it's too slimy... I don't have pictures as I did not brought my camera at the beginning.

2. Then take out the dough from the mixer, add some flour and work it thoroughly until you get a good elastic dough. Should be good enough not to stick on your fingers.

3. Put a wet cloth on it and place it in the fridge for at least 30min.

4. Now, get it out and start to work it again to re homogenize the dough (sometimes, the external layer can get too dry in the fridge, so mix it up again)

5. Then, take a roll and start to get some long strip of pasta:

Homemade Tagliatelle part 1/5
Homemade Tagliatelle part 2/5

You can see a piece of dough in the foreground. It's dry enough to be work on and not too sticky to stick to my hands.
This part can be quite physic... a good way to get some muscles while cooking...

6. Once you got some thin strips, fold them, get a sharp knife and start to cut some bands.
Homemade Tagliatelle part 3/5

7. Once you cut them all, unfold them in order to avoid them to stick while they cook.
Homemade Tagliatelle part 4/5

8. Cook it and add your favorite sauce. You will need plenty of boiling water (imagine that your pasta needs to literally swim in the water in order to avoid it to stick). You just need to cook it for a few minutes as they are fresh pasta and don't need to get re moisturized. Once every while, take a small piece of pasta and taste the texture, if it's a bit hard, it's not cooked yet. If it's elastic, it's al dente, which is good. If it's cooked too much, it will get swelled full of water and get doughy without any consistence, which is bad.

9. So add your sauce and voilà.
Homemade Tagliatelle part 5/5

Bon appétit :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

No Real News, But Some Bits...

Last week, Yukyin had her week 33 check up... Was quite dramatic, a first nurse examined her tummy, in order to avoid any wrong guess, Yukyin pointed out that there is a big spherical thing just underneath the skin a little bit higher than her navel. The nurse said that it "might" be baby's head... but... the head should not be so big at week 33... Another nurse came to rescue and same results, They cannot pronounced themselves. It should be the head, but how come it is so big... Then come the question, if it's not the baby's head... what on earth is it?

That's one example of how cool public hospital is here. They could have afford an ultrasound machine at their facilities... at least to reassure their patients. The last thing you want is an overly worrying expecting mother. :)

Anyway, next week (35), she will go back there and if the nurses cannot give a trustworthy answer, she will be examined by a doctor... like a doctor can be better at guessing what he feels underneath Yukyin's tummy...

So, like always, have two secs? Please pray that baby find the right position in Yukyin's tummy. Thanks. (btw, you can also post your prayers request in the comments, I'll be glad to give a thought to help.)

Last thing that I want to share with you is the movie HOME. Yeah, I try to do things to reduce my inevitable carbon footprint on this Earth and thought that these guys rocks. If you have some time, just sit and relax watching this great piece of movie:
HERE It's good quality (for a youtube) and free.