Friday, April 12, 2013

Rashes, 2nd run

Dear Reader,

Today, I need to pour out my sorrow into this blog... Lémuel is suffering from rashes that covers approximately 95% of his body. It started maybe in January, at first, we did not care as we thought it would slowly disappear, but as time flies, rashes started to spread, more and more. Around Chinese New Year, his skin was rough, like sandpaper, completely opposite from what we should expect from a baby skin. When he took bath, he was scratching his knees, scratching his tummy, and as he has some pretty sharp nails, it bleed. We thought that we would never have to go through this again after our first experience with Myrtille and her dust mite allergy... we were wrong. Lémuel has a wider spread rash and he is developing that a lot more early than Myrtille.

As his condition did not improve, we went to see a doctor, he gave us some steroids and bath oil. After a week, we did not see any improvement, so we tried to treat him the same way as Myrtille, wet wrap method with a low let down ratio of corticoid cream. It cleaned his body, but we forgot about the small injuries he inflicted himself and they started to get infected. So we went back to the doctor again and I got yelled at because I should not have treat him the same way as Myrtille... having the same symptoms does not lead to the same treatment, so I clench my teeth and took it all. Lémuel developed an infection and we got a cream for that, we stopped the corticoid and continue the wet wrap, but after two days, rashes were back again. We were lost. The rashes even spread wider in area. :( Things were getting out of control, so I contacted the fellowship, and Yukyin contacted Myrtille's classmates mom and have them prayed for us.

One of the mom called Yukyin back, she shared a similar experience and advised a dermatologist. We went to consult him on Monday, he told us that we made a lot of things wrong, we should not have used the corticoid, we should stop using paraffin based cream, etc... he gave us a bunch of bath oil, moisturizing cream and we started a new treatment. He noted that Lémuel had a bunch of microbes on his head so gave us plenty of disinfectant soap. He stated that baby should be healed by 1 year old, but that's still sooo far away!

4 days through the treatment, Lémuel is peeling around the exposed area (neck, face, head) and the non exposed area are still reddish with little bumps around. For the last two days, Lémuel started to cry in pain every time we would apply his cream, like something is stinging his whole body, he moves his body so as to avoid our touch. His whole body feels like burning hot.

We feel helpless. In top of that, Yukyin has a blocked milk duct following a yeast infection.

God I know that you read that blog... because You know everything, anything that I write, think, You know them even before it reaches my mind, some of these thoughts, some of my acts, You are the one who suggests them to me, plant them in my mind as we plant a seed on the ground. To let you know, I would rather live with Lémuel's skin issue than look at him everyday going through that pain, living with an ever itching skin, living with the stinging reaction of moisturizing cream applied on his skin. I know that he is meant to be one of your child, I know that it breaks Your heart every time You hear him cry, I know that You are with us when we hold down his four limbs as we apply his creams. I know that You are there bearing his suffering with us. Give us patience O Lord, so that we can go through this, strengthen our faith in you. 
In Your Holy name, Amen.

Brother and Sister.

If you have 2 minutes in your busy schedule, please pray for us. Thanks for reading.