Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some September tid bits

Dear Reader,

I hope that you have been doing well lately, it has been a long time without new post and during that time, we actually passed the 2000 visits count (way quicker than the 1000 visit), so, thanks for your visits, I'll try to go back to the one post per week rhythm. A lot of things happened in September and it's a bit hard to summarize them in words.

First, we have been cut from the internet for some time but now, we are back up again :). In fact, my fellow notebook decided to die on us in the beginning of September. It served me during the last 5 years, from Hong Kong to Australia, then, back to Hong Kong after spending 6 months in France... Now, it refuses to boot up and I refuse to give any more time in troubleshooting it or replacing parts (it is already running on its third motherboard)... it does not worth it, so I put it aside and went buy a new computer. For the geek among you, I upgraded to a i5 system with SSD and RAID hard drive, the objective? getting pictures fine tuned faster, I'll be able to shoot RAW format now, something impossible on the notebook because of its sluggishness. I wanted to go MAC, but they don't do computer affordable enough with the hardware I want (I want something like a mac pro in a imac footprint, can't afford a mac pro and I am not satisfied from a imac). I also took a TV card to record all the series I want to watch. So, spent some time working on a good workflow to transfer recorded series on my ipod touch in order to watch them in the commute. Pretty thing, isn't it?

Anyway, I have a new computer, that works, and above all, fast enough for new photography treatment possibilities, so watch out. (although, I did not put the software on it yet)

So life is going on, we are finding our marks each of us, Yukyin recently start to teach piano again (if you have any people looking to learn piano, you may drop us a note). We find out that taking care of Myrtille is not really easy, I mean, you don't have time anymore for nearly anything else.

Talking about her, she is 2 months old now. She grew a lot, I mean, she took some weight and her body changed all over, she looks a bit less chubby. She has a bigger butt, fattier tights, stronger neck. But according to the nurses, she is still a bit light and advised Yukyin to feed her 8 times... instead of 6. She still cries a lot. The first month has been a nightmare, every time we laid her down, she would start to cry non-stop for hours, the longest she made was 3h I think. But with a bit of training, we think that she finally made it, I mean, now, she starts being able to sleep by herself, we laid her down, she cries but quickly, she falls asleep or she starts looking at her flying fluffy toys (Thanks to Aunties and Uncles) and listening to music without emitting one single noise from her mouth. Huuurraaahhh.

The next thing we need to work on is going out! it has been a problem for both of us for some time now, we don't have the chance for going out often and we often feel uneasy about feeding her outside. But we do know that for our sanity, we can't stay all the time at home. Myrtille too, needs to go out and see the world. So please pray for us so that we can get used to our new life.

We need to work on our couple too, too much time spent on Myrtille and not for ourselves, that's breaking our couple, luckily, not in the hard way though.

About my feelings towards Myrtille... it's still a bit up and down. Actually, the feeling that "I need to love her" is still stronger than "I love her", that's why, I feel that I can't simply say that "I love her". I know it's weird and I know that it can choke a lot of people, it's not that I don't love her, but that's how I feel actually. However, Yukyin told me that she sees a kind of closer relationship building between us lately. Still... I need to work on it. Maybe the depth of our current relationship is not at the point where I wish it to be yet. Guys always have been "weaker" in expressing feelings anyway. I'll just pray that I can handle her better, especially when she is crying out mad and moving around upside down in my arms at 4 in the morning. Quite hard...

For the time being, I'll upload a bit of pics:

In exclusivity, Myrtille top-less :D
Myrtille top less
Pretty, isn't it? She likes to bath so she likes when we undress her as it is the sign for bath time... but sometimes, it's just to replace a bit of her dirty clothes.

Bath or Snoozing time?
Snoozing in her bathtub
She likes it so much that she occasionally fall asleep in her bathtub.

Dad and me:
Myrtille's foot vs Dad's thumb
Always wanted to do this shot. Not easy to have a good framing while holding the camera and with Myrtille crying at me.

Big nap after a good meal:
Sleeping like an Angel
Was late in the evening on her two month's eve. The day after, we brought her get her two shots which turned her into a less angelic little baby at night.

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Have a nice day.
Please pray for us :0)