Monday, April 27, 2009

Answers to our prayers

Dear reader,

Following my previous messages, things have evolved.... After three weeks of suffering and insomnia, God answered our prayers and he did made a miracle for us. Yukyin itchiness has greatly reduced, she does not wake up by night scratching herself anymore and I really give thanks to God for that. Thanks to you guys who prayed for us.

During this short period of time, we learnt that God answers our prayers if we do really ask Him to help us. He is our Father and carefully listen to every single word that we have in our heart. Also, signs and miracle do happen in answer to prayers, for us, stopping that itchiness is our own little miracle.

It does not make her feel that much better as she starts to have other issue, baby kicking her all over her womb, but still, we feel better for that.

Thanks a lot again for all of you and your support.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our baby caught on tape!

Dear reader,

Just wanted to show our first baby tape... It's still not here, but we can already watch her moving inside Yukyin's womb.

Just have a sip (won't last very long) of tea and enjoy!


That's all for today, there will be more later I think.

Week 27, still at least 10 to go!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feeling Down Lately

Dear Reader,

I have been feeling really down lately, sort of depression. First, it does not really work well at work, my project is reaching its "go live" date, and my machine has still several tweaks to go in order to work correctly (I build automated machine for the plastic packaging industry).

Secondly, and it is a bit more serious, Yukyin's itchiness is not going... man, she feels itchy all day long, around the clock. She can't sleep, and we really start getting tired of that situation. We fetched over the internet, and she might have some ICP symptoms (Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy), more on that here. It's a kind of illness that happens when the liver is overwhelmed and the reaction is simply itching...

Anyway, she still scratches herself a lot and can't seem to control it, even when she is sleeping... snoring and scratching at the same time. So it's pretty harsh time for us. She wakes up several time through night and consequently wakes me up, cause she can't bear it anymore.

These two things kept ticking in my mind and made me go through a mild depression. My mind was teared off between a feeling of incompetence (can't solve problems at work or at home), being tired (lack of sleep), trying to avoid putting any extra pressure on Heidi (that's the biggest problem in my personality in fact). So I started to lock myself in my mind and start to depress.

We keep praying for these matters, but it seems that a miracle won't happen... and that's not really what we should looking for either... If a miracle was to happen each time I intensively pray for that... God would only be a wish box. I was starting to loose mind and faith. Sometimes, it's so crazy how we fall easily in the Devil's plans...

But in this despair, we could find out God's Love, not through miraculous healing or intelligence (:))... but, we felt a very good support from our sisters and brothers at Church. They kept praying for us, calling us, advising us, recommending us to other friends that went through the same experience. They kept caring for us and that's something we are very grateful, and something we want to give thanks to the Lord, for He has shown us His Love through His children.

Again, let me do a call for prayers, if you have two secs, please pray for us, we need your prayers. Please pray for my ability to do what God appointed me to do and for Yukyin's pregnancy.

Thank You

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Holidays! ... and some pictures of Yukyin

Thanks to the Easter Holidays in Hong Kong, we have 4 days off!! :)

Okay, I won't say much today except to remind that Easter is to commemorate the last days of Christ. The last night, He dine with his disciples before being betrayed by Juda, then, He was arrested, condemned and crucified. Three days later, He was resurrect .

If you want to learn more, just go to biblegateway and read one of the four fist books of the New Testament.

As we are in holidays... I went out for a stroll and take some quick portrait of Yukyin, it will give you a face to remember when you pray for her, if you do so:

Yukyin in Shatin
Close portrait. Sweet smile.

Yukyin in Shatin
See, she still have a little bump. Her tummy does not grow that much.

Yukyin in Shatin

For the photography part, the set-up was simple, sun light only, no reflectors, she was sitting on some stairs concrete. She walked a little bit too much, she was exhausted so, we took the time to take a bit of pictures. Simple as that..

Camera used is my trusty Fuji S5 Pro with a Nikkor 35 f2 open widely to have swallow depth of field (more on my gear later when I'll tell you about).

Pray that you enjoyed it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some news

Not a lot in fact...

Yukyin started to get itchy all over her body... Actually, we don't know exactly what's happening, but the increasing amount of hormones in the body is overwhelming her leaver's capacity and somehow, her skin starts to get itchy. For the moment, it's something not understood yet by modern medicine. She started to have some red sport on the itchy area. The docs saw it today and gave her some corticosteroid cream that will help her calm down. For my part, I think I started to get used to interrupted sleeping, preparing baby's arrival. Her skin is so itchy that she wakes up from time to time during night, surprising herself scratching her skin.

I spent time looking on the internet and on several occasion, we could read that grapefruit is a great solution to this problem. So, we are going to give it a try.

We are now week 25, baby's still moving in Yukyin's womb, still 15 weeks to go.

Another funny thing, my mum started to sell some clothing with negative ions... She claims that negative ions clothing has a great effect on health and can heal a lot of stuffs. In fact, I am a little bit suspicious but at the end, I accepted to give it a go. She gave me a eye mask. Not sure if there will be any effect, but hey, I am an scientific guy, as soon as I don't have any green mold appearing everywhere... it should be fine, so, let's see in a few weeks if there is anything new.

That's all for this week folks.