Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thanks for your prayers!

Dear All,

First, I need to give thanks to everyone, anyone who took some time to pray for us during that challenging year and a half, anyone who took the time to give us a call, leave us an encouraging word, stayed with us as we went through this year. I also want to thank all of Living Love Fellowship for their support for having prayed for us weekly during our pre-study worship. I want to also thank doctors (Dr S. Leung in partcular), bioresonance therapists for their care.
I want to also thank my family, during this year, I haven't been the best husband, I haven't been the best son, I haven't been the best dad, I asked for your forgiveness and thank you for your support.

To all of you THANK YOU.

This year, we settled on continuing Lémuel's bioresonance therapy, we moved home and since then, Lémuel has been constantly showing progress, now he walks, he talks, he sings, he says "Aiyyaaa" like a true Cantonese speaking kid. He still has some development delays, we hope that he will be able to get into a kindergarten, next year K1's resources are pretty limited. We leave it to God, we'll pray and see.

Here are some pictures summing up what we went through:

April 2013, his body was completely trashed, red everywhere, swollen, injured, he started to lose weight dramatically, feeling very itchy, suffering from his multiple wounds.

At that time, he was all covered by wounds as you can see:

May 2013, start of his steroid topical treatment. That's what I call bleach for the skin, his body went from reddish to snow as white, but he was swollen ALL over his body, he looked fat, but his body mass went from 50 percentile to under the curve.

As we continue using steroids, we could not get rid of certain rash attacks, he would have  the eyes all swollen up.

Lémuel prepared to sleep in his wet wrap, a real little mummy. That's every night, from May to November 2013.

Up until May this year, he remained tied up when he was sleeping. That's when he was also having wounds on the cheeks.

If he could get his hands off of his wrapping and reach his face, it would end up like this. In order not to shock my readers, I decided against publishing pictures of his face. Believe me, having to clean up massive amount of blood in the middle of the night is the last thing I wish to anybody.

April 2014, we were at the beach and you can still see his skin not completely restored, his cheeks took a VERY long time to heal, arms and legs rashes would come and go.

After a year of treatment:

So again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your prayers and support.

Now, he still has allergies, he still has a very long list of forbidden foods that is veerryyy slowly reducing, he still has sensitive skin. I'll keep you up to date. I'll also try to find time to write down treatment we did in details for people looking to help their kids if they are suffering from the same thing.

This would not be complete if I don't also give thanks to our Heavenly Father who placed Lémuel amongst Myrtille, Yukyin and I. We learnt a lot, we shared a lot, we grew a lot. Thanks to You. I need to admit that a few months ago, we could not envision the fact that Lémuel could live a normal life but Thanks to your healing hands, I see him a living testimony of your Love.