Monday, November 24, 2008


Marriage... Something I went through two years ago. I still remember when I was looking down the alley, my future father in law escorting Heidi to meet me. my heart was pouring in my chest, I was ready to explode, she was walking slowly, in the rythm of the Canon from Pachebel. Step by step, and she finally stand before me, smiling and a little bit exited of this memorial day.

Since then, she shared my life.

Today, I want to share this picture with you:


The picture shows Cathy, Risto's bride, which is Heidi's cousin. They got married in the beginning of the month and this is a picture of her waiting that everybody sign all the formal documents.

The right amount of light, a soft depth of field, a nice expression, and it gives a good picture... ok, I found it good, it may not be the taste of everyone. The only thing that bugs me is the mic on the right and maybe the lack of a 200mm lens to have a better composition on her face and expression.

Anyway, on my way to learn.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Slice of Smile today

Dear all, following the event in my last picture, we went to see some friends. His name is Eugene and he once lived in Hong Kong, now, he moved to Japan to live and work, which is not really easy... anyway, he got married and has a very active little Marin around. :)

Here she is:
Big Eyes
Playing with her dad :)
Preparing to Burst! :D
... Ignition
Wiiiiiiiiiiii Put Your Hands Up In The AiR!

Eugene, Nori and Marin, I pray for you three, hope you'll live happy in Japan. Don't hesitate to tell me when you want to come back, I'll be here to help.

In fact, I just need to watch these pictures and they give me a big smile in my face. Every child is a miracle from God, every single one... When I look at happy children, I think even more about the love that God gives us. It's a bit like my relationship with Him, I am a kid and he is my Father. I live in my own world and God provides any little things to me, without any words, he provides what I need and place it in my life. I ask with my human sense, but he always gives a lot more than I need.

Let me give you an example of his unfailing love:
In my life, I have lots of priorities and as human, we always want more and more.
In January, my boss told me that we would be moving to Shatin City One, which reduces my commute time to 30 min... At that time, I thought: "Yeah! it's so close, I will be able to skate to office"... unfortunately, we did not make it. My wife and me were a little bit down, but inside me, I know that God has better plans for us. Then, in September, my boss told me that we would be moving to Tai Wai.... As I live in Tai Wai, I could not make it closer. I thanked God for that, but at the end... we could not make it either. I was even more down!... How can we do it closer? I was a bit challenging God... "Show me what you got for me!"
But, in the beginning of November, we were announced that we would be moving in Kwai Chung. At first, I was a little bit skeptical... but after browsing the internet for commuting means, we found out that there is a direct bus that goes from our court to my working place in less than 10 minutes and in the same time, we are closer to church, and thus, closer at the time when I will be going back to Bible Study class.
"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Matt 6:33
When God answered my prayers, he told me that I need to seek Him first, even my work is further, I'll be there quicker (bus instead of 30 mn walk) he gave me the best possible means to go there and in the same time, working closer to my church where He will further prepare me.

Seek His kingdom first, and you'll be given whatever you need. :)
That's my piece of testimony for today.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ok, Now I hope for real... :)

Welcome back, my last post was looonng time ago, so I regrab the keyboard to post some more. What happened since then? I change job, from a so so company where I could not find my purpose to a good company where I can start to think about my career path. Yeay!.. I hope that everyone can find a job that will please them and suits their needs.

Anyway, since then, I have been shooting around and around.

My last one:



She was preparing herself to meet some friends. I never had the chance to take her in picture during her preparations, this was a good time and I got a few shots. I always wanted to do this kind of shot. When I look at wedding picture with make-up session, I am always surprised by the sense of details that can have the photograph.
Anyway, this is a beginning in my photography activity.