Wednesday, January 19, 2011

4 Months later... 2011 will be Home Cinema project

Dear Reader,

Yup... the number of post is going down and that's because I got more work to do, more attention to give my wife and Myrtille, so I can't really give much time to this blog.

But since last time, plenty things changed, I am still seeking for a good way to host pictures, although I found it, but I would like to have a proper way to present them and even though LR is doing a good job, it is not what I would like it to be at. I am still lacking of time. But I am still going to take each task and tackle them one by one.

This year will be my Home Theater project year. I bought a projector to Yukyin in order to give her her birthday gift and since then, we started to plan our Home Theater project.

The projector is a WDJ6351 from Viewsonic, 720p, 3D ready. I just ordered the amplifier for the sound system, will be there in a week I think. It will be complete DIY solution, AMP9-Basic from :) and I'll probably drive some cheap DIY loudspeakers found here or there. My objective is to have everything by the end of March running and ready to load some last blu-ray. :)

Stay tune, there's plenty of work on my plate.