Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Months in.

Dear Reader,

We are two months in and we are slowly getting used to our pace. We went to the birth registry and we are pleased to announce that our little guy's name is Lémuel, which means "devoted to God", because that's the way our Lord taught us to live our life. In Chinese, his name is 讚熙, "Praise Splendor" reminding us to always praise our Lord.

As I said earlier, we are slowly setting ourselves into baby sitting pace, Lémuel sleeps quite a lot, he does not need us to rock him too much, a big difference from his sister, Myrtille had us rocking every time before her nap/bed times up until 6-7 months and even now, she is somebody who easily feels unsecured about things. She easily get mad about things that she can't accept right away, she would yell on us because things does not go as she expect. She has her character... We just need to learn how to live with it and raise her in a way that she understand her limits. Lémuel is already different, actually, he is more playful, he smiles a lot more than Myrtille at the same age and he communicate a lot more with us, he likes to talk to us, he likes to be with us, and when we let him alone, he will make us understand that he is the poorest baby on Earth.

One of our biggest fear about having two kids was the fact that we would prefer one over the other. I think it's difficult to avoid and through the short paragraph I have written, you might think that there is something that changed between us and Myrtille, but I don't feel this way. Maybe I am just convincing myself, but relations are just different. One thing for sure, we continue to love them with abundance. 

Myrtille changed a bit since Lémuel's arrival, at first, we were over busy taking care of him, Yukyin was exhausted from breastfeeding and the fact that he was in and out from the hospital did not help her at all, so she felt put aside, she went as far as saying that she did not want little brother to be home, but when he was at the hospital, she was worried that we came back without him.

Time passed and she started slowly to get a better temper and play her role of big sister, bringing us the changing mat when we need to change her brother's diaper, talking with him, reassuring him when he is crying, telling him that we are quickly coming to take care of him etc... a playful big sister.

So, two months in... Thanks to the Lord, we are still in one piece. This week, we will have the Chinese New Year, that will allow me to rest a bit and work a bit on my speakers project that did not move for 2 years since I talked about it.