Monday, January 19, 2009

3 Months milestone!

Dear all,

It's the three months milestone... Did things improve? Did things change?

Times flows very very slowly, we learnt about Yukyin's pregnancy some 7 weeks ago and now that we think of it... it's ONLY 7 weeks ago... So it's a kind of long wait until delivery occurs.
Something we really did not expect is the way her body reacts. From week 5 to 8, she was miserable... nausea all the time, she started to stay in the sofa, waiting that hours pass... She needed some rest. Week 8-11, things were getting better, she could go out and spend some time with me wandering around.
Last week was quite awful, we got back to week 5-8 state... She is having nausea and low back pain with tummy cramps.

Anyway, if you happen to read this blog, just take a few minutes to pray for her, It will be much appreciated.

While waiting, I added a small poll on the right, feel free to give it a go :)
The end date for the poll is our next doctor's visit and we should be able to know the gender by then.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just want to say Hi

Hey today is our 11th week's doctor visit :) And guess what? it said Hi! :) Everything is fine, the baby is growing and does not show any abnormalities. For the moment, we still don't know if it's a girl or boy, we'll see next time. I pray for its health and Yukyin's health too.

Here is a quick pic of his little body:

It moves, and waives his hand to the sonar.. :D I don't know what to say, I just hope that it will make it till the 9th month and born happy and in good shape.

God we really thank you for this life that you place under our care!

God is in control

First of all, I wish a Happy New Year to every reader of this blog. Pray that you have a wonderful year with load of blessings.

What I want to share today are two news that we learnt yesterday about two facts that happened the day before... still following? ok... Anyway, Two things that happened on the 1st of January.
First, a good news, a friend's second baby was born in Thursday morning. A great news, I thank God that He hold his family tight in His hands and that the baby is born healthy and in good shape :)
Second, a bad news (sort of), God decided to take our previous flat's owner. In fact, she was really a good person, concerned and caring about Yukyin. She has fought a deadly cancer during 4 long years until God decided to take her back to His side leaving 3 children behind.

That's our news for the 1st of January and it makes me deeply think that, there is no good day nor bad day, everyday that I live, it's a day that God allowed me to live. He, only, is in control. Whatever I can do, no matter how I can worry about my life, it won't add a single tenth of a second to the length of my life because he holds everything.

Thank You for the life You give me, thank You for the way you cover all my needs.