Monday, January 19, 2009

3 Months milestone!

Dear all,

It's the three months milestone... Did things improve? Did things change?

Times flows very very slowly, we learnt about Yukyin's pregnancy some 7 weeks ago and now that we think of it... it's ONLY 7 weeks ago... So it's a kind of long wait until delivery occurs.
Something we really did not expect is the way her body reacts. From week 5 to 8, she was miserable... nausea all the time, she started to stay in the sofa, waiting that hours pass... She needed some rest. Week 8-11, things were getting better, she could go out and spend some time with me wandering around.
Last week was quite awful, we got back to week 5-8 state... She is having nausea and low back pain with tummy cramps.

Anyway, if you happen to read this blog, just take a few minutes to pray for her, It will be much appreciated.

While waiting, I added a small poll on the right, feel free to give it a go :)
The end date for the poll is our next doctor's visit and we should be able to know the gender by then.