Wednesday, March 6, 2013

100 Days in!

Dear Reader,

We are 100 days in. Lemuel is still growing at a relative high pace, and so is Myrtille, she definitively got accustomed to her brother, exception when he is crying a lot, she is there, talking to him, trying to calm things down but she sadly realize that nothing is working... while he keeps on yelling.

Growing with Lemuel and Myrtille as a father is a lot different. Usually, people tend to believe they could stay away from comparing their kids, but I know that's impossible, no matter what we do, we'll end up comparing our relationship with each of our kids, God might be the only one who succeeds in this. Although I love them the same, as for now, it's true that Myrtille gives me more headache than Lemuel, even when I try to remember Myrtille at the same age. I think it will be an ever evolving relationship with them, that's the fun part of being a parent.

Myrtille started to seriously learn French... ahaa... Up until now, she only knew about some simple words, like "fromage" and "yahourt", now she understands when I tell her to put on her backpack. Still a long way to go before she says something in French, but it's growing at its pace. I do hope that she'll learn French so that she can understand English grammar a bit more easier. Hong Kong people has a lot of difficulties with English grammar. Even if I take the risk of being criticized for what I am writing here, I do supervise quite a few university graduates here and their English really needs some polishing, I don't pretend to have a perfect English either... but I do believe that I express myself in a very understandable way (I think it even sounds a bit French). When I talk about it with Yukyin, she tells me that she only understood English grammar in France, when she actually learnt French grammar... :). So, if Myrtille can get a bit better in French, we might pull it off. However, I am not so worried about her, God will end up giving her something to do as He does with all of us.

Another topic though, during one of our daily Bible reading with Myrtille, we were talking about Lazarus who died and got resurrected, he was mummified and placed in a dark place, he could not see anything, that time, it was a bit weird because, I might have read this with Myrtille 3-4 times, but all of a sudden, she asked me "why?". I never approach the topic of death with her, I was surprised and in the same time concerned about the kind of answer I could give her, and then, I went to ask my wife, she replied bluntly that she never approach that because the book never says anything about that. :) see how unprepared we can be sometimes...

So at the end, I went and ask their school teachers. They were happy enough to tell me: "Just say that he is dead"... at that age, they don't ask beyond that, just say that "he is dead", that's all, no big deal... Because this is part of the story. But if it was something happening among family members, she reminded us that we need to treat sorrow and carefully in clearly explaining them what's happening. This month theme is Jesus Resurrection at school... so they will take care of the situation.

For once, I felt lighter. :)

So, back to Lemuel, 100 days... and yesterday night was the first night I slept from midnight to 7h45 without opening my eyes. I hope I can keep on leading Myrtille and Lemuel on the right path.

Thanks the Lord for helping me and thanks for you if you got to the end of this post.

Next will be pictures, been a while I did not post but my flickr account is still staying active!