Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Growing out of allergies?

Dear Reader,

Nearly half year I haven't posted anything. A lot has changed. Myrtille is growing, her relationship with me has not changed, I am always expecting too much of her, it's like the lack of care from my own parents has turned myself into a freak. I don't really know how to work on myself, but when I see her, and hear her... especially when she complains and she does complain a lot, I really want to scream out loud.
So, I took a decision, don't know how long it will last, but I need to be a better father... I need to think of ways about making her feel proud of herself, proud of me and I need to learn how to be proud of her... maybe I should also say it... it might help her.

Anyway, started to learn how to tie her hair in a different way than a pony tail... It's growing on me and she likes it.

Being a Dad... is difficult, being a girl's dad... is even more demanding, our brain does not just work the same way. I need to be even more delicate than with my wife. I don't know how friends having two or three girls are doing it... I wouldn't.


He changed, now he walks and copy us. His vocabulary is still very limited but he quickly catch those habits we have. He is still walking drunkard style, that's very funny to watch and he does not care about hurting himself.

Allergies? Yes... they are still here, we moved flat and since then, we are using steroids a lot more often, as we want to be able to control their skin condition, that makes them sleep better, prevent them to sneeze like crazy. Inside us, we still want to chase, we want to know why? But sometimes, it's seems like we will never know and we should just spend our time on creating memories with the kids and wife.

But, I do thank you for your prayers, Lémuel is way way way better than last year. It was around May last year that he was depressed and nearly died of infection. Now, he is always walking around and smiling, hoping to catch a cuddle time with Mama. We came a long way from that.


Myrtille, 5y

Lémuel, 20m

The watermark is wrong, it should be 2014.