Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not dead yet!

Dear Reader,

It has been a while, like always... but I am not giving up blogging yet, it just that I have too many things to handle at the same time. Between work, where there was quite a stir lately, and home, with our noisy princess, life has been so much tiring these last months.

Myrtille continues to grow up, now, she is not walking yet, but crawling as fast as ever. She is getting noisy and all that stuff. I am still yelling at her quite a lot... not that good, but I pray that it won't affect her too much and that she will forgive me. I'll apologize when she will get older. Anyway, here are some of her last picture:

Yukyin was completely tired as our little princess decided to wake up at 7h15... on a sat morning, so I spend some time with her and the camera... Should do it more often...

Hehehe. Ah, last thing, I am thinking about moving away from Flickr, I reached my limit of free pictures there and I need to find a way to host my pictures.... in a cheaper and more permanent way, so I'll start to dig up my old ftp for that. You might see new galleries showing up.

Sorry for the wait though :)