Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trying Galleries with Lightroom... and new blog template...

Dear Reader,

When I was cleaning up my FTP, I accidentally deleted some files that were used by the previous template... and besides, it's not available anymore in the blogger system, so I went for the new ones. They are quite nice actually, so I hope this one looks good. I'll run it through Yukyin to ask for her advice.

Second big thing, I purchased Adobe Lightroom 3.0 and this piece of software... is... quite a good piece of software. I know that there is other alternatives on the market, but the first issue I needed to sort out was the compatibility with my DSLR, a Fuji S5 Pro which a lot of catalog/raw processing software don't support. Anyway, I followed the 3.0 development and now, I am using it. Very quick, very convenient, at least for me, Yukyin found it to much difficult to handle, lots of options everywhere, but to me, it makes sense, I import pictures, do the back-up in the same time, apply metadata, batch process, pick the ones I want, drag and drop them into publish and there are there on flickr/facebook/ftp.... isn't it simple? Anyway, I am overly thrilled by the features of this software and just for a few quirks, it answers pretty much 90% of my needs.

As you read my previous paragraph, you may have read that the software can publish to FTP. For LR user, it might not be a big deal, but I found it really convenient (now that I filled up my free flickr account), so here it is after the jump: Morning Jam. This is the complete gallery for my pictures session with Myrtille on her bed, the pictures from the previous post are from the same series.

Here is another picture to give you another insight:

Gallery is here: Morning Jam
I still need to work a bit the format, but it should give you a quick glance of my future plans for this blog and its photographic contains.

Time to me to jump in bed, Good night and take care!