Saturday, January 16, 2010

Introducing liquified solid nutriments...

Dear reader,

Myrtille continues to grow up and we started to introduce some little soup to her diet. We tried different things, homemade and ready to eat little pots. Actually one of our sister at church brought us a kit, a baby cooking kit, a very good one! Brand is pigeon and we quite easily make what we plan to make, so up till now, she tried: rice soup, pumpkin, carrots, cucumber, sweet potatoes, quite a fest. It also relieves Yukyin's breast as Myrtille does not depend on it that often. Actually, yukyin was in a great period of stress, as she still is right now, Myrtille seemed not having enough food and she did not want to have Yukyin's right side, so she kept having milk stucked ducts once every two days. Right now, it calmed a bit.

We also continues to discover her a bit more, we know that she pretty much eats anything that we throw at her, also, we discovered that she does not like cold food. Example water, give her some room temperature and she will push the bottle back with her tongue, give her some warm and she will just drink it as is. Only works when she want to drink though. But it's the same with apples or pear juices or puree that she has as desert.

What's difficult is finding the right ingredients, as cautious parents, we thought that we could buy organic food for her, costs a bit more but, we think that for a young developing digestive system, it might be better. The problem is that organic means no OGM and it just remind us how quick things can perish in your fridge. The choice is not that large too, it's a bit hard to purchase too much different things.

Last thing, as Myrtille grows, she started to have a bad habit, lately, she started to "bite" Yukyin. Luckily, she does not have teeth yet, but we are a bit anxious at the days she will have some. Especially the 4big at the front.

She also seem to quickly forget things, she always do a new thing for 2days only. Then she forgets. She learnt how to say mama, it lasted two days and now, she does not know anymore.

So, here are the pictures:

Trying to get her clothes off:
Trying to take off her clothes...
Yeah, while she was sleeping, but apparently, she didn't manage to go all the way.

Making a funny face while eating

Khehehehe, Myrtille loves her new food.

Where is my food!
Myrtille in her High chair
Impatiently waiting for her meal...

That's all for this week news! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

6th Month Milestone (lot of pictures this time!)

Dear Reader,

First, Happy New Year, I did not have the time to wish you all... life is a bit busy lately and I did not find a time to share my life with you. Last year was a year with big changes, Yukyin became a mother, so I need to "share" her with the little squid, talking about her, she will be 6 month in a few days and lastly, I became a father.. so I have much more responsibility than ever.

To cope with all of that, Yukyin found out that my organization skills are meaning pretty much: zero. So, I am starting from scratch, this year, I need to change the messy guy I am in a clean and tidy person. Starting from home, work, and extra activities. There is a load of things on my to-do list and this one does not stop to grow, like Myrtille.

Starting with the easier things: Photography and Computer stuffs... Last year, I had the chance to change my computer, :) this one is blazzing fast and I am happy... I would like to have something even faster, but... it's out of reach. Actually, computer is very much related with how fast I get pictures to this blog... After I take the picture, I need to review them, add my little spice, upload them on the Internet and scratch my head to find something to blog about.

It requires a little bit of organization to do all that in a very precise and constructed way. So, finally, after testing different solution, I went ahead and freshly install Adobe Lightroom (a beta version, but I might break the pink piggy bank to buy it). For the non photographer friends, it's a Photo cataloging software with a lot of different tools to process your pictures in a very efficient manner. So right now, this software helps me: back-up pictures, tag them, classify them, post process them and publish them. All in one software without the need to open another application (most of the time). I still need to figure out a few things, but I mostly cut out 50% of my post-production time with it. For the special case, I still need to launch The Gimp or Lightzone (two other applications I am working with).

At least, that's something taken care of.

Work wise, I need to get some secretary courses... get organized.. that's the main focus for this year.

Home wise, the same... Yukyin always complain that I am messy (and she is right), so, I have a new method in my mind, I mind photograph the scene in my house when it is in a clean state... (yeah, even if I am messy, sometimes, it's tidy) and then, before Yukyin can say anything, I try to see what's not in place and tidy it... that's my new method, I pray that I keep doing this.

It can seems weird, but I am highly efficient in doing the mess everywhere!

So, where are this week pictures? (by week, I pray that I can keep up and post something new each weeks :))

Here they come:

Myrtille enjoying a play-time session on our bed with Mom and Dad:
Enjoying Mum and Dad's bed

Myrtille, playing with her miniaturized walkie-talkie
Over over!

Snack time by Myrtille
Leave me alone!

Tiny Feet :)
Myrtille's growing tentacles...

Woken up by Dad
Wooo Daddy's making picture of me again!



O_O, watching TV

One of a serious portrait:
A little moment of peace for a portrait

So, that's it for now, you can still watch over my flickr for new pictures as I post new pictures usually quicker than blogging about them.

Please pray for Myrtille as we still have difficulties handling her, she still cries a lot and we get mad easily and are very tired. Other than that, she is plenty of life and I feel happy... sometimes... when she agrees that I care after her...

If you did not see her last videos, here they are:

For her 5th month:

And Mom caught her calling her...:

That's all folks, see ya around :)

If you have any prayer request, please drop them in the comment section :)