Sunday, January 10, 2010

6th Month Milestone (lot of pictures this time!)

Dear Reader,

First, Happy New Year, I did not have the time to wish you all... life is a bit busy lately and I did not find a time to share my life with you. Last year was a year with big changes, Yukyin became a mother, so I need to "share" her with the little squid, talking about her, she will be 6 month in a few days and lastly, I became a father.. so I have much more responsibility than ever.

To cope with all of that, Yukyin found out that my organization skills are meaning pretty much: zero. So, I am starting from scratch, this year, I need to change the messy guy I am in a clean and tidy person. Starting from home, work, and extra activities. There is a load of things on my to-do list and this one does not stop to grow, like Myrtille.

Starting with the easier things: Photography and Computer stuffs... Last year, I had the chance to change my computer, :) this one is blazzing fast and I am happy... I would like to have something even faster, but... it's out of reach. Actually, computer is very much related with how fast I get pictures to this blog... After I take the picture, I need to review them, add my little spice, upload them on the Internet and scratch my head to find something to blog about.

It requires a little bit of organization to do all that in a very precise and constructed way. So, finally, after testing different solution, I went ahead and freshly install Adobe Lightroom (a beta version, but I might break the pink piggy bank to buy it). For the non photographer friends, it's a Photo cataloging software with a lot of different tools to process your pictures in a very efficient manner. So right now, this software helps me: back-up pictures, tag them, classify them, post process them and publish them. All in one software without the need to open another application (most of the time). I still need to figure out a few things, but I mostly cut out 50% of my post-production time with it. For the special case, I still need to launch The Gimp or Lightzone (two other applications I am working with).

At least, that's something taken care of.

Work wise, I need to get some secretary courses... get organized.. that's the main focus for this year.

Home wise, the same... Yukyin always complain that I am messy (and she is right), so, I have a new method in my mind, I mind photograph the scene in my house when it is in a clean state... (yeah, even if I am messy, sometimes, it's tidy) and then, before Yukyin can say anything, I try to see what's not in place and tidy it... that's my new method, I pray that I keep doing this.

It can seems weird, but I am highly efficient in doing the mess everywhere!

So, where are this week pictures? (by week, I pray that I can keep up and post something new each weeks :))

Here they come:

Myrtille enjoying a play-time session on our bed with Mom and Dad:
Enjoying Mum and Dad's bed

Myrtille, playing with her miniaturized walkie-talkie
Over over!

Snack time by Myrtille
Leave me alone!

Tiny Feet :)
Myrtille's growing tentacles...

Woken up by Dad
Wooo Daddy's making picture of me again!



O_O, watching TV

One of a serious portrait:
A little moment of peace for a portrait

So, that's it for now, you can still watch over my flickr for new pictures as I post new pictures usually quicker than blogging about them.

Please pray for Myrtille as we still have difficulties handling her, she still cries a lot and we get mad easily and are very tired. Other than that, she is plenty of life and I feel happy... sometimes... when she agrees that I care after her...

If you did not see her last videos, here they are:

For her 5th month:

And Mom caught her calling her...:

That's all folks, see ya around :)

If you have any prayer request, please drop them in the comment section :)