Monday, November 23, 2009

4th Month and still growing like a squid.

Dear Reader,

Myrtille is four month old now and as usual, to celebrate it, she took two shots... one in each tight. :) After her two journey in hospital... Wait a minute? Two? ... Yeah yeah yeah, I said two, actually one week after visiting her birthplace, she had fever again and this time, we went for the private system. At the end, we got out of it with a 10k HKD bill, was far from happy but eh.. what do you want, you need to take care of baby after all...

So, her two shots? after enduring blood sampling, IV etc... just like a mosquito bite. :D cried a bit but 2 min after, she just forgot it. She had two days of fever and now, she started to bug us again, she does not want to drink milk, breastfed or bottle fed... she does not want any milk, breastmilk or formula. Please pray for our sanity... we are at the edge of melting down.

So to kill time, we took some pictures of her:

Doing some push-ups
Doing some push-ups on the sofa...

Myrtille 4 months old.
A funny face in front of Daddy's camera.

Mom and Me
A portrait of our active girl with her beautiful mother.

Myrtille and her toys...
Posing with her toys :)

That's all folks, see you next time around.