Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trying To Get Some Sleep!

Dear Reader,

It seems that I can't really hold a 1 message per week rhythm, so, at least, I'll try to get 1 message per month and give some extra when I can.

This month has been very exhausting for both of us. We start to lack of sleeping again. Actually, we are trying to get Myrtille to sleep by herself, better now than when she'll start to crawl everywhere... but still, I don't think it prevents us for having her crawl and jump everywhere at bedtime when she'll be that age...

So, we started to put her to bed awake and wait for the time she would decide to sleep, during the process, we did learn a few things, first, it's not that hard but it's not that easy, but also, prayers were a great help for us. We figure out that we don't pray enough with her and preparation to bedtime is quite a good time to start in getting used to that. Usually, if we pray before putting her to bed, it works. I don't say that prayers is the key for putting her to sleep, but it helped us greatly and Thanks to God, we did manage to succeed quite a few times without too much issues.

But still, when there are unsolved issues, she would cry for us during hours, hence our lack of sleep. Usually, she will cry between 15 min to 2h at the beginning of her bed, then, we would decide to feed her again and she would sleep after 10 minutes. But it really gets us tired easily and right now, our patience is like a very thin layer of glass, ready to shatter at all time.

Just a quick clarification, we don't just drop her in her bed, we go to see her every 15 minutes to see if everything is ok, and we lengthen the waiting period each time.

Besides that, Church service, our pastor asked Yukyin to help out at the choir as a pianist, it's very very good, but we won't be able to make it. Yukyin has a bit of concerns when she leave the baby to me... I get quite angry easily at my little piece of cake, so even I would really enjoy giving a helping hand to the Lord, we need to wait a time when the whole family is prepared for it.

At work, this year will be full of new things for me, I have been promoted and will be responsible of few people (at least 2 for the meantime), it's not a huge deal, but my performance will be related to people under my watch and that's something that concerns me a bit more. Anyway, it's all new to me and I'll just pray for help. :)

Ah ah, last thing that got through our mind... the need to have someone at home taking care of our chores, households and a bit of the baby, in two words, getting a maid. I don't really like the idea of having someone at home, but if I am paying somebody hourly paid to do such things, I could also paid a helper full time to do even more. In Hong Kong, it's something quite affordable, but that's not that easy, so we need the Lord's guidance on this one, at the end, if we hire somebody, she will also be part of Myrtille's education. So, let's wait, see and pray. :)

Some few pictures of our squid.

Myrtille and her Strawberries' bits
Myrtille and her bits of Strawberries

Mum and me
Mum and Me

Hmmm... Phone + Octopus Card = Big Girl
Hmmm... Phone + Octopus Card = Big Girl

Sunset Time
Looking at Sunset

And some pictures of friends, that I would like to share:

Sweet Smile from Kathy:
Sweet Smile

Our friends preparing to take off:
Getting Ready to Leave

And Kendrick Driving His Truck
Life is So Cool

That's all folks for this ... month. Hope I can get a video uploaded soon.