Monday, November 23, 2009

4th Month and still growing like a squid.

Dear Reader,

Myrtille is four month old now and as usual, to celebrate it, she took two shots... one in each tight. :) After her two journey in hospital... Wait a minute? Two? ... Yeah yeah yeah, I said two, actually one week after visiting her birthplace, she had fever again and this time, we went for the private system. At the end, we got out of it with a 10k HKD bill, was far from happy but eh.. what do you want, you need to take care of baby after all...

So, her two shots? after enduring blood sampling, IV etc... just like a mosquito bite. :D cried a bit but 2 min after, she just forgot it. She had two days of fever and now, she started to bug us again, she does not want to drink milk, breastfed or bottle fed... she does not want any milk, breastmilk or formula. Please pray for our sanity... we are at the edge of melting down.

So to kill time, we took some pictures of her:

Doing some push-ups
Doing some push-ups on the sofa...

Myrtille 4 months old.
A funny face in front of Daddy's camera.

Mom and Me
A portrait of our active girl with her beautiful mother.

Myrtille and her toys...
Posing with her toys :)

That's all folks, see you next time around.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Myrtille back to her place of birth

Dear Reader,

Time between posts slowly increases between each posts... that's a bad habit that I start to have there and I quickly need to remedy it. A lot of things happened since last time.

Myrtille continues to grow, her face changes from time to time and recently, she started to get a bit of fat, I mean, her cheeks got roundier. :) She is nearly four months now and have started to erratically interact with us... :) Her arms are moving all around. She smiles, but only to her mother.

Also, she got sick... The story is long so, let me make it shorter ;)

Three weeks ago, Yukyin started to have a fever because her milk canal got infected, one night, she was feeling a great deal of pain, and early in the morning, she could not sleep and was chilling, I touch her forehead, she had a 39C fever.. woohooo... so, as our family doctor took a sabbatical year, she decided to go to the hospital for a quick check-up. She came back with some fever control pills.

We decided that I should stay for the day and take care of them both, by the end of the day, Myrtille also started to have a fever with a bit of flu symptoms... she was completely dizzy so we brought her to the hospital too... which transferred us to another hospital (a public one). There, she got examined but her fever had gone! Anyway, she was admitted to the hospital and put in isolation ward. As it is a public hospital, they put you in the same ward as people with same symptoms. There started a nightmare... The boy next to us was sneezing and coughing his lungs, he was sooo sick... and each time his grandma would leave the room, he would get up and cry for his life. Yukyin was allowed to stay but she only had a plastic chair as a place to seat, no place to lie down, she could not rest. I went home to get some clothing for Yukyin. Few hours later, in the middle of the night, Yukyin called me again, she was fed up and wanted to get home. The doctor were a bit afraid that Myrtille had not a lot of flu symptoms, they were thinking about meningitis, which need to take piece of something in her back which is very painful. (see wikipedia). They said: it's standard procedure for 38C fever on a three months old baby, Yukyin asked for fever control medicine, but they said that they only give it for fever over 38.... So Yukyin fought back as Myrtille was not showing any other relevant sign of meningitis and that she could not stand the idea of having our three months old daugther's back sampled like that.

Thus, 4 o'clock in the morning, we were home.

The next morning, Myrtille was still having a fever as after visiting two hospitals, no doctor gave her any medicine because of her young age. So Yukyin brought her back to the hospital where they gave her some fever control medicine (I will never understand their policy). Later, we learnt that the little boy next to her had H1N1, Yukyin actually overheard it from the doctor. Yeahh... Public hospital, you leave it sicker than when you first came in. So, they stayed one more day. For the night, I went there to take care of Myrtille from 19PM to 2AM, during that moment, Yukyin went home to get a nap and then she came back for the second shift. We were tired...

On the next morning (last), the doctor decided that Myrtille could go home, her fever was over and she had no sign of anything... so they happily get back home.

Needless to say, Yukyin was over exhausted, we were worried about Myrtille but all we could do is to rely on God. Throughout the whole time, He was indeed with us, He sent his angels to take care of us, to pray for us, when facing such a tiny baby with fever, the doctors can't do anything, they can't give any medicine, just wait and watch over her and see if she manages to heal herself... some say that mother nature's at work, we say that it's God who is at work, healing people...

If you happen to have a problem, just leave us a message, we'll be happy to pray for you.

Ah, a little gift, as I did not have the time to post a lot, I'll share a short video of our growing squid:

Picture will come in the next post... where Myrtille is going to the Private Hospital... stay tuned.