Saturday, January 3, 2009

God is in control

First of all, I wish a Happy New Year to every reader of this blog. Pray that you have a wonderful year with load of blessings.

What I want to share today are two news that we learnt yesterday about two facts that happened the day before... still following? ok... Anyway, Two things that happened on the 1st of January.
First, a good news, a friend's second baby was born in Thursday morning. A great news, I thank God that He hold his family tight in His hands and that the baby is born healthy and in good shape :)
Second, a bad news (sort of), God decided to take our previous flat's owner. In fact, she was really a good person, concerned and caring about Yukyin. She has fought a deadly cancer during 4 long years until God decided to take her back to His side leaving 3 children behind.

That's our news for the 1st of January and it makes me deeply think that, there is no good day nor bad day, everyday that I live, it's a day that God allowed me to live. He, only, is in control. Whatever I can do, no matter how I can worry about my life, it won't add a single tenth of a second to the length of my life because he holds everything.

Thank You for the life You give me, thank You for the way you cover all my needs.