Monday, November 24, 2008


Marriage... Something I went through two years ago. I still remember when I was looking down the alley, my future father in law escorting Heidi to meet me. my heart was pouring in my chest, I was ready to explode, she was walking slowly, in the rythm of the Canon from Pachebel. Step by step, and she finally stand before me, smiling and a little bit exited of this memorial day.

Since then, she shared my life.

Today, I want to share this picture with you:


The picture shows Cathy, Risto's bride, which is Heidi's cousin. They got married in the beginning of the month and this is a picture of her waiting that everybody sign all the formal documents.

The right amount of light, a soft depth of field, a nice expression, and it gives a good picture... ok, I found it good, it may not be the taste of everyone. The only thing that bugs me is the mic on the right and maybe the lack of a 200mm lens to have a better composition on her face and expression.

Anyway, on my way to learn.