Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Waiting... again...

Dear All,

I tried to find another title for this post, but I can't, that's the first word coming to my mind actually.

I have been away since last week, did not post, did not take any pictures... No time at all. In fact, Yukyin is pregnant. I have so much to say about that that I don't know where to start but, there is a common factor to all that happened in our life... and that's God's work.

Let me give you an insight of the power of His works.

Last year, we join a new fellowship at Church, a lot of couples, a lot of new friends. Some of them are already married for long, others are recent marriage. We started to integrate into this new family. There were people that just learnt their pregnancies, people in late pregnancies, people with new born kids, people with older kids... A lot of examples for us to look at, to share experience with. Yukyin has always been a bit worried by my expectations of having a child. But I know that God worked with me to show me plenty of different kids in order to get me accustomed with the idea of having a baby and what it implies. Anyway, we were looking for a new fellowship and developing our faith, He was looking to build our personalities to face our own pregnancy.

He also prepared my work, I already talked about that two post below, but I am overly convinced that all are His work, I cannot have a better choice. I am living 25-30 minutes away from my office, which is quite good considering the geography of Hong Kong.

I can find a lot of different things that He has given to us, there is simply too much that I can remember, but one thing has been ticking my mind lately, in fact, I have been suffering from a skin disease on my hands for 13 years that was caused by the use of soap based liquid, which made us separate household work, I was nearly doing everything that would not require me to use liquid soap or rubber gloves (which is not much). But, I was finally cured during last summer and found a method to avoid it in the future. Thus, I can take care of Yukyin everyday by doing all the household work. This also take part in His preparation of our couple to have a child.

I praise our Holy God for what he has given me. I pray that our baby grows steadily in Yukyin's womb.

That's what I wanted to share today. Sorry, no pictures yet.