Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some news

Not a lot in fact...

Yukyin started to get itchy all over her body... Actually, we don't know exactly what's happening, but the increasing amount of hormones in the body is overwhelming her leaver's capacity and somehow, her skin starts to get itchy. For the moment, it's something not understood yet by modern medicine. She started to have some red sport on the itchy area. The docs saw it today and gave her some corticosteroid cream that will help her calm down. For my part, I think I started to get used to interrupted sleeping, preparing baby's arrival. Her skin is so itchy that she wakes up from time to time during night, surprising herself scratching her skin.

I spent time looking on the internet and on several occasion, we could read that grapefruit is a great solution to this problem. So, we are going to give it a try.

We are now week 25, baby's still moving in Yukyin's womb, still 15 weeks to go.

Another funny thing, my mum started to sell some clothing with negative ions... She claims that negative ions clothing has a great effect on health and can heal a lot of stuffs. In fact, I am a little bit suspicious but at the end, I accepted to give it a go. She gave me a eye mask. Not sure if there will be any effect, but hey, I am an scientific guy, as soon as I don't have any green mold appearing everywhere... it should be fine, so, let's see in a few weeks if there is anything new.

That's all for this week folks.