Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Holidays! ... and some pictures of Yukyin

Thanks to the Easter Holidays in Hong Kong, we have 4 days off!! :)

Okay, I won't say much today except to remind that Easter is to commemorate the last days of Christ. The last night, He dine with his disciples before being betrayed by Juda, then, He was arrested, condemned and crucified. Three days later, He was resurrect .

If you want to learn more, just go to biblegateway and read one of the four fist books of the New Testament.

As we are in holidays... I went out for a stroll and take some quick portrait of Yukyin, it will give you a face to remember when you pray for her, if you do so:

Yukyin in Shatin
Close portrait. Sweet smile.

Yukyin in Shatin
See, she still have a little bump. Her tummy does not grow that much.

Yukyin in Shatin

For the photography part, the set-up was simple, sun light only, no reflectors, she was sitting on some stairs concrete. She walked a little bit too much, she was exhausted so, we took the time to take a bit of pictures. Simple as that..

Camera used is my trusty Fuji S5 Pro with a Nikkor 35 f2 open widely to have swallow depth of field (more on my gear later when I'll tell you about).

Pray that you enjoyed it.