Monday, April 27, 2009

Answers to our prayers

Dear reader,

Following my previous messages, things have evolved.... After three weeks of suffering and insomnia, God answered our prayers and he did made a miracle for us. Yukyin itchiness has greatly reduced, she does not wake up by night scratching herself anymore and I really give thanks to God for that. Thanks to you guys who prayed for us.

During this short period of time, we learnt that God answers our prayers if we do really ask Him to help us. He is our Father and carefully listen to every single word that we have in our heart. Also, signs and miracle do happen in answer to prayers, for us, stopping that itchiness is our own little miracle.

It does not make her feel that much better as she starts to have other issue, baby kicking her all over her womb, but still, we feel better for that.

Thanks a lot again for all of you and your support.