Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1000 Visitors Mark

Dear Reader,

Just got 1000 visitors :), the 1000th visitor is Canadian.

Hehehe, just a short post to say that's it's cool. It may not sound a lot, but the frequent readers list has been growing lately... especially since I hooked up the blog with facebook/flickr/live accounts. People from around the world comes to read it. In all those readers, I would like to know few things... There are two readers that come quite often and I don't have a clue of who are them. First, one people in Hungary and another one in Ireland. For the other ones, I pretty have an idea of who they are based on their location. My stats engine allows me to know few things, your IP, your location (city or area, I don't have an exact address don't worry). So, if someday you have the time, please just leave a say "Hi!" in the comments.

I will continue to post message about things happening around me.

Thanks for your visits :)