Sunday, June 28, 2009

Homecooking Adventures 2

Dear Reader,

Following our little tagliatelle story, we start to get the habit to get the camera out each time we cook something different (a la Eugene's style). Also, I give the basics ingredients for some of them, for the people that might want to try themselves to cooking....

So this week, we started up with something special :) Yukyin wanted to try shredded potato so we gave it a try:

Stir Fried Potato with Peppers:
Stir Fried Potato with peppers

A very simple plate, all you need are: minced pork, peppers (green, red and yellow) in slice and some shredded potatoes all stir-fried in this order. Add some chili for a really cool ahem... hot taste.

Then, Yukyin wanted to eat some Paella again ... It's quite a time consuming dish to make, so we wanted to have it before delivery occurs.

Paella 2:
Paella 2

For the recipe, contact us, it's a bit more difficult.

And the last one, a Stir Fried Lamb with a Fish Soup.

Stir Fried Lamb and a Fish Soup

I had this stir fried lamb in China during one of my factory visit... a great taste with a lot of parsley with a load of chilies. Tried to make the same at home but it's not turning the same, still a good taste, but a bit different.

For the soup, a sweet tasty wife made potato/tomato/fish soup :)

That's all folks! Have fun in your kitchen!