Monday, June 8, 2009

No Real News, But Some Bits...

Last week, Yukyin had her week 33 check up... Was quite dramatic, a first nurse examined her tummy, in order to avoid any wrong guess, Yukyin pointed out that there is a big spherical thing just underneath the skin a little bit higher than her navel. The nurse said that it "might" be baby's head... but... the head should not be so big at week 33... Another nurse came to rescue and same results, They cannot pronounced themselves. It should be the head, but how come it is so big... Then come the question, if it's not the baby's head... what on earth is it?

That's one example of how cool public hospital is here. They could have afford an ultrasound machine at their facilities... at least to reassure their patients. The last thing you want is an overly worrying expecting mother. :)

Anyway, next week (35), she will go back there and if the nurses cannot give a trustworthy answer, she will be examined by a doctor... like a doctor can be better at guessing what he feels underneath Yukyin's tummy...

So, like always, have two secs? Please pray that baby find the right position in Yukyin's tummy. Thanks. (btw, you can also post your prayers request in the comments, I'll be glad to give a thought to help.)

Last thing that I want to share with you is the movie HOME. Yeah, I try to do things to reduce my inevitable carbon footprint on this Earth and thought that these guys rocks. If you have some time, just sit and relax watching this great piece of movie:
HERE It's good quality (for a youtube) and free.