Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ginger Vinegar part II

Dear reader,

This is the second part of our kitchen adventures :) You can read the first part here.

Once the gingers are peeled and clean, you need to squashed them, to bring the flavor out... that's what we have been told, anyway, take a nice flat surface, a kind of hammer thingy and start to squash them :)

Once crushed, you need to dry fry (no oil!) them a bit till you have some golden bits. These help to dry them a bit before the next stage. The flavor will be very strong now.
Ginger Vinegar Soup - Slow Fry

Nice and smelly :)
Ginger Vinegar Soup - Golden Fried

Once golden, you can go on the next phase, put them all in the pot and add the vinegar:
Ginger Vinegar Soup - Adding The Vinegar

Now, you can fire the whole thing, keep boiling for 20 minutes and let it rest:
Ginger Vinegar Soup - Fire it!

Leave the whole pot in the dry and clean place. And that's it! For the soup though. From time to time, you need to put it back on the fire to boil it again, I think it should kill bacteria etc... We started Monday evening and we boiled it once every two days.

As the vinegar level went down and we see that the ginger were getting down, we added a new batch of ginger (2.5 catty, which is around 1.5 kg) and added some vinegar. We reboiled it for 20 minutes and it's resting again.

Keep doing this for the weeks to come. Next time, we should be adding the eggs.