Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some Thoughts At Week 35

Dear reader,

Tonight, Yukyin wants to post something here so here we go!

"Dear All,
Tomorrow, I'll be week 35 and everything seems to go smoothly. A lot of excepting mums tell me that from week 32, they start to feel uneasy about their heavy tummy, not being able to sleep correctly, they frequently need to go to the lavatory during the night, her feet start to swell, they start to have frequent cramps, while I don't face any of these problems. Thus, I am quite happy with how things turn out, I can still take time to appreciate the fact that there is a little life inside me which fully depends on me 24h round the clock. I appreciate it so much that I still don't manage to realize that I will deliver in the next few weeks. Maybe, because everything is going so well, I did not realize it yet.

Also, from the beginning, I was told that from week 37, a baby is considered full-term, which means that from this week, the eventual birth of the baby is not considered premature. So I was even more persuaded in my mind that birth was still a distant future event. I completely forgot the possibility of premature birth.

Until lately, a friend of mine gave birth to a 5.2 lbs baby, another friend gave birth at week 30. Given my baby is already more than 5 lbs and that I am already week 35, I realized that.... it can come anytime! But the problem... is that it's still oriented the wrong way, I thought we had time, but due date is approaching and suddenly, I realized that in fact, due date is just a date... I can give birth anytime, even tonight! I started to get worried and nervous. But God and my husband were there and they both helped me found peace in my heart.

I really want to thank my husband because he takes time to think thoroughly about ways to support and comfort me at 3 AM in the night. I also really want to thank God, because I know that He is in control of everything and I am really grateful that He is granting me a very comfortable end of pregnancy.

Actually, I don't know if baby will turn upside down before delivery, but I deeply feel in myself that God helps me understand that He is the One taking care of me, right now, He is telling me that natural delivery or c-section... His way is the best for me.