Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 35 Check-Up: going back to Hospital

Dear Reader,

Yukyin went to the Health Center to have her bi weekly medical check-up. As I said two weeks ago, she needed to go through two nurses to confirm that they can't give us a solid answer on baby's presentation in her tummy. Then, they give her the possibility to be examined by a doctor. So, this week, she went back for the usual procedure, first, a nurse rubbed her tummy and she said that baby's head is definitively not in the lower position, but, she can't find it. There is something hard in the top, but she don't think it's the head. Then, she called another nurse (here we go again)... same results, no solid answer on where the head and they can't have a complete grasp on baby's presentation.

Then, they decide to ask a doctor to have her examined. The doctor measured up her tummy and it's a tad smaller than before, basically, it's same size as a month ago. She is quite worried about that. Even earlier, when the nurses found out that she was same weight as one month ago, they were worried. Anyway, doctor said same thing, baby's presentation is hard to guess, so she sent Yukyin back to the hospital for an eventual ultrasound scan. They prepared her file and allowed to leave the center.

Once at the hospital, Yukyin need to went though the whole paper process of the hospital, so she wait that they gave her an appointment with a doctor to be RE RE RE RE examined again... and see if they need to do an ultrasound scan.

I do understand that equipment are expensive and that Public Services should do whatever needed to efficiently use it, but when I see that you need to basically go through 4 nurses and 2 doctors in 3 weeks time to have no answer or maybe decide if you can get an ultrasound scan, it's a bit tiring... especially when you know that a ultrasound scan can give you a clear answer in 10 minutes. 6 people with no answer... against 1 people and 1 machine.

Anyway, if you have time, please pray for Yukyin's delivery as she is getting a bit nervous. Natural birth-> pain... C-Section-> painful recovery... That's what ticking her mind.

Thanks for reading.