Sunday, August 23, 2009

Starting to see Daylight

Dear Reader,

Last week, Myrtille was one month old! yeepeee, actually, she started to get unmanageable during the night, so we ended up buying her a pacifier... :) A very very useful piece of accessories... to give you an idea of how effective it is... during that week end, we considered that we were at war with our little squid... and we were out of ammo while she was throwing everything she could, from small shriek bullets, to chemical homemade weapons... But after we got the pacifier... haha! we had our newly made nuclear bomb. :) Once we put it in her mouth, she started to get calm. hehehe. It does not work all the time, but when it does, it does a great job.

I also had another aggressive frenzy starting to bad behave with her... when you start to be mean, having her cry and practice her vocal cords in front of you is not the most effective thing to make you calm. So, as she was already crying and I could not figure out what she was doing, a little voice in my mind just told me: "if I don't know why you are crying, then, I'll make you cry, at least I will know why".

Got a major crack down. Yukyin was scared that I would harm her even more. Hopefully, Yukyin is there to fill my love account and teach me how to behave with her. So, after a few moment praying for Lord's help and calmly training, I figured out that I must bow to her needs... meaning that I need to give her what she wants instead of trying to make her live the way I want. So things have changed thanks to Yukyin. However... it does not solve our lack of sleep problems... she is still crying a lot... but we managed to make her sleep a bit more often.

This week end we also had the confirmation of one funny behavior she has. Each time I use our vacuum cleaner, she fall asleep like a rock (I can say that it's my new ultimate weapon... though I cannot use it by night.
Here is the picture 10 minutes I started to clean our home:
Rocked by my Vacuum Cleaner (1/2)
You can notice a bit of rash under her neck, we went to see the doctor, she has a cream for it, so no big worries.

That's all folks :)