Sunday, August 30, 2009

Homecooking Adventures 4

Dear Readers,

It's been a while since I did not made any post about cooking... so, here we go, today, just a simple soup. It's not my ginger vinegar soup that took a bit of a wrong path at the end. Anyway, I'll talk about that later I think.

Today, I'll talk about a really special soup made for new mums... As you know, delivery is a tough job, and in the Chinese medicine, there are soup to take after delivery so as to be in shape again.

N.B, for normal delivery, this soup can be taken asap, for c-section, you need to wait a bit... at least 20 days otherwise, you might have big problems with some blood loss. So, if you don't understand what I am saying, if you get pregnant and deliver your kid, you will, just wait that your panties are clean before taking this soup :)
I still need to confirm it though for the natural birth case.

Anyway, Here is the recipe:

-Some pork meat, just a small piece, for flavor.
-half a chicken, we usually take one "organic", I mean a healthy one that never got any steroid shots and lived a happy life running around. The one we take is a bit special, I don't know its kind, but it has white feather, black skin with a bit darker meat. In Hong Kong, we buy them fresh... meaning, I asked for a chicken and the lady told me: "Ok, come back in ten minutes" and I saw her taking an innocent fluffy chicken out from a cage...
-some green edges abalones, cut in slices, it gives a "sea taste" to the whole thing.
-some erh... fish maw, it's the gas pouch of a fish that allows it to float. We purchase it dried and it cost a lot...
-some cordyceps, as I showed a bunch of post earlier. Here
-some little red thingy... don't know what is the exact name, it's again a Chinese thing, some kind of dried little beans...
-2 little bowl of water.
-half a bowl of rice alcohol.

The pork and the chicken need to be cooked a bit in boiling water prior to make the soup. Just a few minutes to reduce the fat.

Depending on the type of cordyceps and fish maws you buy, it can quickly be really expensive. The one we made is running around 700HKD (90USD or 60EUR) a pot just in ingredients. Yes, Chinese stuff are expensive... We try to have it as much as we can, in Chinese medicine, the first 100 days after delivery are quite important, it's the best time to fortify a woman's body.

So here you go:

A close-up on the soup:
Special Chinese Soup for New mums
NB: in this picture, the soup has been made with a plain organic white chicken... I was not sure about which to order the first time, but now, we know where to get some black chicken supplies :)

The soup with the electronic double boiler
Special Chinese Soup for New mums
The device at the back is an electronic double boiler :) all is done automatically, the soup needs to be cooked during 3 hours.

Please note that this soup is not only for new mums, but it can also be consumed by the new father... which usually lack of sleep in this period of life :)

Bon appétit :)