Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week 39! Not there yet

Dear Reader,

It's been a long time I did not write any news. Days pass and sound similar. Last week, Yukyin started to feel some pains by night, when she sleeps, the higher part of her belly is a bit painful, we manage to solve it temporary with an additional pillow. It works great but she has to move it around from side to side when she turns around... and she does turn around very often at night. So, a good piece of advice for the newly expectant mothers, you need to have the following piece of equipment for the best sleeping experience:
-a banana shaped pillow: stop sleeping on the back, you'll have to sleep on the side, it will relieve your low back pain and it will allow the baby to have sufficient nutriments as there are two main pipes in the low back area bringing food to baby. If you sleep too much on the back, baby might grow underweight.
-a kind of triangular or flat pillow: This one is to be put under the belly, to relieve pain under the breast. I wanted to get a triangular one, but we have just one or two weeks to go, Yukyin said it's fine, we'll live with the flatty one.

So for the news, Yukyin's doing fine, she walk often, not that much, but she has a 1h walk at least every two days. Her belly grew again, now it's HUGE... stretch marks started to appear, it does not bother me but as I am not a girl, I might not understand... (I do have a lot of stretch marks everywhere... a complete lizard suit...) Except from that... hmmm.. Ah, she started to walk very very slowly... In fact, it was quite hard for me to lower my pace as I am a fast walker, but I need to be there for her, so now, we walk at the speed of a lame turtle... Now we are completely overtaken by cockroach in the streets, start getting hard for us to avoid them.

Yesterday, Yukyin went for a check-up at the hospital. Back a few weeks ago, I said that her tummy was a bit undersized and laid them to worry a bit about her health. She had the chance to have a ultrasound scan ... twice... at the hospital. So she went to the hospital, waited... one hour to have a nurse call her in the ultrasound scan room. The machine was great, very high resolution, she had a 20" wide screen for her to see the image of the scan, we don't usually have these even in private OB. So she had a very nice view of our baby. The nurse took a lot of measurements, bones, head, belly etc... The head was a bit hard to get, baby's head is totally down into the pelvic bone, although it does not seem to be in a hurry to come out.

Before leaving, she asked for a evaluation of baby's weight. 7.3 lbs or 3.33kg. In fact, we would have like baby to be a bit lighter, high weigh means -> big head -> eventual high amount of pain during delivery... Then she left the ultrasound room and waited, waited again... I think you spend more time waiting in a hospital than getting real care, anyway, that's normal, just have some hours to spend. One hour later, she got to see a doctor. The doctor just printed out something and said, everything's fine... you can go back to the Medical Health Centre next week for your 40th week checkup... Maybe he assumes that baby won't be there by that time.

Anyway, Thanks God that everything is fine :).

Keep us in your prayers, delivery is just around the corner.