Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some Look Change

Dear Reader,

I worked out a new look for this blog. Yukyin was quite unhappy about the black one. In fact, the black background was better to show pictures, but as this blog derived a bit from its purpose, I think a bit of make-up was to be done. I hope this one looks better... at least, we chose it together. It's based on a template in the blogger system. I enlarged it a bit so that the text frame is 640 in width instead of 480... who uses a screen narrower than 640 anyway?

So, a bit of look change before our little one appears.

Still working there and there to match item colors but i am almost there.

Ah, I almost forgot the most important, Yukyin added a very nice looking signature bar in the title area... I am still working a bit to better integrate it though. You'll understand a very big piece of information there.

For the news, we are waiting... waiting... waiting... don't know when it will happen. Keep us in your prayers though. Thanks to you all.
Comments are welcomed!