Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Homecooking Adventures 3

Dear reader,

3rd episodes of our Homecooking Adventures, hope you like it, I don't have any real feedback on these kind of posts.

These days, I had some weird ideas about cooking and tried several new things, with an old one. First, Tuesday evening, we tried to make some simili-fajitas. We took some fajita bread and added some lettuce with some stir fried lamb along with green/red/yellow peppers... we kind of like those.

Before our hungry fingers laid on it... we need to have a calm glimpse of it:
Home Style fajitas 1/2

Now mix it together:
Home Style fajitas 2/2

And it's ready to be eaten... :) I won't show any pictures of the roll obtain... it was too messy.

Now that we had plenty of lettuce at home, I made a cold pasta salad to use them all:
Cold Pasta Salad

Hehehe :)

To finish today post, I made a desert! Yukyin wanted to have it again for so long that I decided to make it tonight. It's called "Oeufs au lait" literally meaning "eggs with milk". Ingredients are simple: Sugar, milk, eggs vanilla aroma. It's a hugely simple thing to do, everybody can make it so I'll make up the recipe:

1/2l of milk
3 eggs
30 gr of brown sugar
1 pack of vanilla sugar (can use real vanilla too)
some sugar for the caramel

Boil the milk and in another bowl, mix the sugar and the eggs.
Oeufs Au Lait 1/7

Make the caramel: sugar+water. I am not an expert of caramel, but one thing, do not put your finger in it to taste it... don't be as stupid as me... got my finger burnt like an idiot...
Oeufs Au Lait 2/7

Fill some cups with the caramel obtain:
Oeufs Au Lait 3/7

Pour the warm milk in the eggs... need to watch out not to cook the egg! so keep stirring while pouring the milk:
Oeufs Au Lait 4/7

Fill your cups with the obtained mix and place them on a big tray with some hot water ready to be baked:
Oeufs Au Lait 5/7

Bake for 20 minutes until the top hardens:
Oeufs Au Lait 6/7

Take it out, break the edges of the top surface an try to "unmold" it on a plate or bowl... you'll obtain a very nice kind of pudding :) Yummy
Oeufs Au Lait 7/7

You can see that I mess up the caramel... need to find a way to obtain a thicker caramel after baking...

You can eat it warm or cold... any way, it's good and tasty.

Have fun in your kitchen!