Thursday, July 16, 2009

Woke up Early

Dear Reader,

During last night, Yukyin woke me up, she had some regular contraction of her lower belly. Every 5 minutes she felt a little pain and her belly started to get hard for a short period of time.

We monitored it during 20 minutes, then, I turned on the computer... :D I was hoping inside me that I could find her classmate living in France, mother of 3. It was 4am in the morning in Hong Kong... I think it is not too much for me to expect her to be in front of the computer at 10pm her time. Thanks God it was the case :)

She told us that Yukyin might start to be in the first phase of the delivery. Better get her to the hospital before something messy happens (ie water break). After some quick thinking time, we went ahead, I packed her things, got dressed up, pack my camera gears (it may be useful), called a taxi. At 4h50, we were out.

5AM, we arrived at the hospital 7th floor. The nurse asked me to go make the admission registration stuff, "follow the green line on the floor", so went back to ground floor and followed the green line... It was a bit early and the admission offices were closed. After at least 5 minutes of thinking about what to do, my aimless eyes fall onto one line of words directing people to go to the ER admission offices in case the general admission office is closed. "Follow the orange line on the ground"... looked around me...yeah, well, to me, it seems to be yellow... and there is that another red line that looks orange... Finally, got a nurse who tipped me on the place to go... Registration done, went back to the 7th floor.

Yukyin was getting examined by two nurses. Diagnostic is that baby is ok but her cervix is closed. So, she advised me to go home, or go to work... baby will take its time to come... a long long time or longer if it's not for today.

So, after a long chat with Yukyin in the corridor, I decided to get back home, we'll see if she calls me later or not. it's 6:45, I feel like a half walking brainless guy, don't know if I can make a day at work.

Anyway, keep us in your prayers, maybe, I'll be thankful if you don't try to call her (you can call me and I'll keep you updated) or visit her.