Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hey, it's been a long time since I haven't shot anything with my camera. Lately, I went to the Flower Show in Hong Kong, it's the third time I think... and this year was crowded as ever. A lot of people with different type of camera, from cheap cameraphone, to expensive digital medium format. Seriously, it's the global financial turmoil but I don't think it has any impact on Hong Kong photographer market.

Anyway, after this year outing, I have a clearer view of how I handle this show and the type of pictures I make:
-Even if I go with somebody, at a moment, we got separated and spend almost all the time alone, sitting at the border of the flower. So I might need to go twice, once for my pictures and another time with Yukyin and make memories.
-A flash is unnecessary, I brought mine this year, but it was a stupid idea, if it's sunny, there will be enough light. Also, flash is a bit hard to mix with daylight to my taste. (maybe it's the fact that I lack of experience). Heavy and bulky, better stay home.
-A tripod is optional. I don't have one and my friends did not bring his. It's heavy, cumbersome and you can't really reach high magnification with macro lens (the front element needs to be just some 5cm from the subject).
-Go sooner... the sooner, the fresher, in my pictures, the flower's heart is barely opened. On the pictures of my colleague, two days later, everything is totally open even already dry. So, if the weather forecast is sunny, go sooner. Also go early, in order to avoid the crowd... but it's relative, a lot of people, a lot of camera, a lot of damn tripods everywhere... But, you won't be able to see much bugs if it's too soon... Like me... so I will go bug hunting another time.
-Take a water spray. I saw a lot of people do that, it gives a good effect, I like it, :) will arrange something next time.
-Take macro lenses only. That's for my type of photography. I usually only do close-up. But, any telephoto is a good choice, for close-up at a long distance with a good bokeh. Going further than 300mm is a nonsense to me... There is no way you can shoot anything with so much range among the crowd. Though, if you go with somebody who wants to be taken with a lot of flowers... IMHO, it's not the right place, too many people.

Anyway, that's the few things I have made for this outing.

Following are the pictures I want to share with you:

One Among Thousands
One Among Thousands
I really like the flower canopy effect that gives the telephoto lenses. :)


The petals are slowly opening to show a growing heart, little tentacles reaching out for sunlight.

Soft as Silk
Soft as silk

I really like the way the petal flows like a layer of silk underneath the heart of the flower.

And to finish:

Growing Together
Growing Together
Because it reminds me our couple. We are both growing together under the God's light.

Hope that you enjoyed ;)