Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 Years!

Dear All,

Just a quick post to say that we have been walking together for 5 long years and we pray that we will be holding hands for years to come.

Not much of a program, just went to our usual French style restaurant in Pacific Place. Great place, great value for those looking for some mid priced French meal.

Coincidentally, today was baby's 20 week check-up. Baby is doing fine, 10 fingers, 10 toes, 2 kidneys, one liver, lungs, heart etc... everything is going smoothly. :)

Today was the first time somebody let his seat to Yukyin!!! Many thanks to that guy! we were moving into a crowdy MTR car and there was no seats anymore, somebody noticed how painful she was feeling and let his seat to her. Dear God, I pray that you bless this guy!

However, I recognize that it is not that easy to see if someone is pregnant, especially Yukyin as her tummy is quite "hidden". It happened to a lot of people, we are not sure that the lady is pregnant and completely afraid of doing something real wrong... :(

Last thing, does anybody knows how it cost to save cord blood from the baby? We are wondering about that. It should be quite a huge amount of money and does not serve a lot of time, but when it serve, it is indeed very useful... Leukemia especially. So... if anybody can share some thoughts, it will be much appreciated.