Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Postnatal Helper Hunt Done... at last

Dear all,

We meet our candidate C and finally went for it. She came with her agent, a woman that manages a company referring postnatal helper. They were quite professional and explain a lot of things about what will happen during this period. After a long interview, we decided to go ahead.

For the one that are not familiar with Asian style postnatal helper, here is the detail of her duties:

-do the groceries for the different meals.
-make lunch.
-make dinner.
-make a fish soup (in order to have more milk).
-make a Chinese Medicine soup (from day 12 to help body recover)
-make a huge quantity of tea (in the Chinese medicine, new mums cannot drink water, they need to drink a kind of tea that allows them to be less "swollen" and help the elimination of toxins, etc...)
-take care of the baby:
-feed him/her or help breastfeeding.
-make the ginger paste for bath/shower (another Chinese medicine tip)

She will come 6 days a week for 8 hours and is not cheap at all... ~13000HKD (1300€ or 1675US$)

Talking about that, the list of ingredients I need for the Chinese Medicine soup is not cheap at all. There are a lot of different things really expensive. But, I think it worth it. Anyway, what she'll eat, baby will eat it too. Hope she can breastfeed, that's all, I will save on milk powder...