Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Half way to First Term!

It's been a while! Actually, every time I look at my browser's bookmarks, I always have something in my mind to write but never had the time to work on it.

As of today, we are mid October and Myrtille has joined K1 since last month. Her life brutally change from being a no-worries laid back / play all day life to a meticulously arranged day. Morning, she wakes up at 7h35, have a wash, eat breakfast, go to kindergarten for 3 long hours, learn 3 languages, plenty songs and  Bible verses, she then come back at 12 for a lunch, followed by a nap. She would have some simple homework (drawing lines / coloring stuff) to do and playtime downstairs if time allowed. Diner at 7pm and off to bed at 9pm.

To me, that was just the end of her worry free life. She will have to learn the hard way... The Hong Kong way! With Yukyin, we are already feeling pressure from the school system, the pressure put on kids is tremendous and I just don't see the value for that. It just leads to more social and economic problems with difficult integration of young in the current society. Anyway they are meant to be the leaders of tomorrow, so I'll just entrust them the future of my old ages.
At the end, I still strongly believe that if God allows her to succeed, she'll succeed if she put herself up to work.

Back on Myrtille, she is now three. She talks a lot, still energetic in running around, she already has a big sister attitude and she will be indeed big sister by the end of next month. Hehehe
We'll see how she tackle the newcomer at home.

On that, I hope I'll write more in the future, I just got a pro Flickr account, I think I just can't do without, since I reach the limit of the free account I just dropped blogging which is bad.
So in the wait for more of our news, please pray for Yukyin's pregnancy and for a smooth delivery.