Saturday, October 3, 2009

Now, Some Pictures of Her

Dear Reader,

As said in my last post, here are our latest pictures:

2 months old, 2 shot, one on each tight, followed a fever during 2 days:
Myrtille with her cold pad

She was quite dizzy during those two days. Hopefully, she recovered quickly.

Sleeping everywhere:

Sleeping Everywhere

Again, I like taking pictures of her while she is sleeping on her changing mat, so cute. It's so rare when she is so tired that she does not have energy left. Can do whatever we want then.

Playing in Shatin's mall.
Yukyin left us for 2 minutes, we were near a window, so, took out the camera and shot her. Nice lightning that day, the blue from the dusk mixed with the warm yellow of the mall's spots:

Having Fun with Dad 1/3
Having Fun with Dad 2/3
Having Fun with Dad 3/3

Actually, start to get more and more experience with handling my camera and the flash... I only need a minimum fine tuning necessary. The out of camera jpegs are already good, don't know if the RAW editing really worth it. We'll see later.
I really like the use of the flash though, a lot of my pictures are with the flash on, don't know if it's noticeable, if not, great, that's intentional :)

Have Fun :)