Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Homecooking Adventures 5

Dear Reader,

Here comes the fifth chapter of our Homecooking Adventures. :) This time, I'll tell about a desert again... Yogurt. Actually it's very easy to make. Milk and one yogurt bought from any supermarket. For the kitchenware, you need to have something in which you can boil the milk, and a kind of thermos pot or anything that can keep its content at a constant temperature for a long long time..

Homemade Yogurt

We have a simple pan for boiling the milk and we have a thermos bottle (that's not the best choice, but it will do). Got everything? Let's start:

1-Boil the milk for short a moment.

2-Wait... enough time for the milk temperature to drop down to 45-37C, above that, the yogurt won't set and you'll have something that smells horrible (trust me, you don't want to try that), below that and you will have something that does not work either. During that time, it may be wise to take out the yogurt from the fridge so that it warms up a bit.

Homemade Yogurt

3-Pour the yogurt into it and mix briefly, but enough to have something homogeneous.

4-Pour the mix into your thermos pot. Make sure you pour some hot water in your jar in order to bring it a bit to the same temperature as the yogurt mix, if not, the jar will cool off a bit of your mix and the temperature will be too low. Temperature is the key to success.

Homemade Yogurt

5-Close it all up and wait... for at least 4 hours (from websites), I used to wait 10-12 hours, my tummy is a bit allergic to milk, I read that the longer you let it ferment, the better it is.

6-Open the jar and tadaaa... if you smells a flavor similar to your the yogurt you used... it means it worked, if the odor is awful or if the mix too liquid... it means it did not work. I tried once before success... and the first mix would have afraid a skunk...

Here is a peek on the inside, the yogurt has completely took set:

Homemade Yogurt

7-Usually, we put them in some smaller pots and right to the fridge.

Homemade Yogurt

Ok, it's not the creamiest in the world, but at least, it's a start, I'll try to update that one if I come up with a better texture.

Have fun in your kitchens!