Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Being Patient

Dear reader,

How have you been lately? Fine I hope, been a long time I did not write anything. I have been very tired these last days although I think my exhaustion is not comparable to Yukyin's.

Myrtille is growing but she has a few issues appearing now. First, she has a diaper rash. We tried different solutions but none seems to give any results, right now, the only thing we can do is pray that it gets better and change her more oftenly, at least, changing her at the single sound of poop has made things a bit better. She also started to have some acne on the face along with some white spots. Everybody says that it is normal, so we are monitoring it and will seek medical advice at her coming MCH's visit.

Actually, we are getting more and more tired day after day. The lack of sleep I think, that's the worst thing. We still need to wake up at least twice a night, we are longing for a complete night of rest but we know that it won't come anytime soon. Hopefully, by next month or the month after next month, she'll at least let us sleep more than 5 hours in a row.

The problem is that with such a lack of sleep we are getting short tempered and we get easily depress. I started to have a peak of rage last week when I got in a uncontrolled thirst of hitting her and making her feeling pain. I am far from being proud of it, but for those who know me, they should understand how I am exhausted.

But I managed to overcome it, God is with us and I know that he is there to helps us get some sanity in our mind. It gave me an outlook of God's relation with humans. We only know how to cry but God is the one who is taking care of us. Myrtille is the same, she only cries for things and we provide her. God knows what is best for us and I hope I am giving the best to her too.

We always think that God is not listening to us but in fact He is surely preparing us to receive his infinite blessings. That's what in my mind when Myrtille is crying for food, she want it so much that our neighbor at the 1st floor should be able to hear her, but in our side, we need to get ready and get her ready, she need to get changed, Yukyin needs to prepare herself to get confortable so as to breastfeed her correctly, and once she got what she wants, she stays calm until something get her mind busy again. Patience. It's what it takes us to grow correctly. She wasn't born with and thus, we need to teach her to be patient.

Actually, so do us, we need to be patient with her.

I really thank you for your prayers and already owe you a lot, I hope we'll manage to be parents that she can be proud of, for the time being, I take this opportunity to tell my wife how much I love her and once again how much I am proud of her. She suffered and still suffers for our sake, giving her best everyday. Giving her her care, her love, her attention. I owe her a lot, she is doing more than twice the efforts I am doing everyday and my panda eye mask testifies how much I am giving out everyday.

I may sound a bit down, but I know that that's the long and hard path in raising a kid.

Please keep us in our prayers, we still need tons of them.