Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last Ten weeks!

Dear readers,

Today, we went to see the doctor and had the 30 weeks check up. Concerning baby's health, it is doing fine, it grew at a very average pace, meaning that its due date calculated with today's measurements still match the ones from past check up and using Yukyin's period. So, about this, everything is fine.

We also had the opportunity to ask the doctor about pregnancy diabetes and other illness that could harm baby at birth. The doctor has been really really comforting and very professional. He answered to all question and made a blood sampling in order to make sure Yukyin's good health.

The bad news is that... our little kiddo has not turn around yet... It's still head towards up... and its legs are stretched... which would make it difficult to turn around. Usually, baby is expected to have its head towards the bottom around 30 weeks in order to prepare for delivery. Yukyin is quite concerned about that as baby will have less and less room to move. She was thinking about a natural birth (with an eventual epidural) but now, she might need to get psychologically prepared for a c-section. She started to lost motivation, feeling a little bit down about that. I try to remind her that God is in control, and as we saw with her itchiness, everything is answered through prayers, but that's not an easy task for her.

So, still 6 weeks to go before we will know for sure if she has to go through a c-section. During this time, naturally, if you have one or two minutes to pray for her and baby, that would be great.

Thanks a lot for your help