Thursday, January 16, 2014

Still struggling

Dear Reader,

Time is flying, we are 2014 now, Happy New Year by the way.

2014 and Lémuel is still sick. He is ONE now, he did not get birthday party, no cake, no toys, no friends, no outing. I think we used to being spoiled. He is sick and everyday is the same headache.

Beginning of October, as the doctor was not seeing a drastic improvement of his condition, he advised us to go have a look at Bio-Resonance therapy. So, after having being very reluctant to do so, we went ahead. First session passed and we were already reassured. 85% of the allergies we knew he had were diagnosed by the therapist, so we went on a full treatment for Lémuel. It's a lot less intrusive than the IV injection he had at the last doctor, so he is happier about that.

Months passed, he is improving, but lately, he started to have some rashes on his cheeks that we can't get rid off.

That was a month ago, now it spread a bit all over his head and it's a nightmare.

His behavior changed too, he is more aware of his food, he uses "scratching himself" as a way to express when he is not happy and will often scratch his legs, torso, hands etc... we are trying to change this behavior of him, but it's not something that can be achieve in a short period of time.

At night, he is wrapped up in a swaddling cloth, last week, he managed to free his left hand out of it during the night, he turned his bed into a blood bath, blood everywhere on his head, cheeks, etc... Yukyin and I were scared, but we needed to act quickly. Cleaned the wound, placed on new bandage etc... Yukyin got sick with the quantity of blood she saw. It was not a pleasant night.

So where do we stand today? I don't really know. I just hope that he is going to get better.

Myrtille too, started to have rashes spikes, she has a lot over the legs and hands, as she is older, she can't control herself and scratch at night. We can't really wrap her.

Our living is closed to a nightmare. Myrtille, Yukyin and I also went to the Bio-Resonance therapy, I have been diagnosed a depression. Although I can still convince myself to hang on, knowing that I have signs of depression is depressive in itself.

Anyway, if you have two secs to spare, please pray for us.