Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sick sick and sick

Dear Reader,

This fall, flu has taken down some of our family members... It started with me, a while ago, then, our helper, Myrtille and went back at me again. Myrtille is the one who suffered the most. Her fever got very high, she had some hallucinations and her appetite is near ground level, she does not eat, does not drink...
But since she started an antibiotic treatment, she has felt a bit better, at least, she does not have fever during the day anymore, only during her sleeping time.

As she stays at home, she easily get bored and is constantly requesting people to play with her. We are not too sure how to develop her interest in playing alone for some time. Maybe it's in her. So, we are rapidly pushed into our limits... Mom this, Mon that, Dad this, Dad that... Yukyin is tired as baby is relentlessly asking for milk...

Anyhow, we need prayers... for different things, first, we are all sick, so it would be good that we reach 2013 in good shape, second, we would like to found a way to have Myrtille grow more by herself, not reaching for our presence/help at all times. Sometimes, she is is really used to rely on us.

In the meantime, some pictures:

Myrtille and her friend during last Saturday outing (before she got really sick)

and her little brother, playing... behind his towel.

Thanks for reading.