Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Homecooking Adventures 6: Baby Edition

Dear All,

It's been a while since I did not play in the kitchen. Actually, since Myrtille is here, I certainly don't have the time to play around and my cooking skills are just going down. Anyway, if you are a new reader, please feel free to check my previous homecooking adventures by clicking here.

But lately, as I said in my previous post, we introduced some babyfood to Myrtille and as we like to cook our meal ourselves, we started to cook Myrtille's porridge. Several mums asked us for our method, so here it is.

First, we buy organic for her, as she is little, she does not eat much and we can still afford it. Also, organic food tastes better, today, if you buy vegetables in the market, they don't have taste... at all... or, you need to buy plenty if you want a bit of taste.

So, in the morning before leaving for work, I would take her vegetables, here some corn and potatoes, pick the corns seeds out, one by one, then, peel the potato. The night before, we would pre-soak some brown rice (following the rice's recommendations). Then, pour the rice (with the water used to soak it) and the vegetables in a double boiler and boiled for an hour so.

Once done, you obtain a kind of rice cooked with vegetable, we pour everything in a blender and turn it on:

Kitchen Wares for Baby Food

After a first pass in the blender, in today's particular case, I added some pre-cooked green vegetable (just boiled and blended them an hour ago.

Our stock of pre-cooked vegetables (choi sum and spinach):
Vegetables for 8 days

We just take one pot and pour it in the mix:
Mixed and Choi Sum Added

Once everything is mixed together, we need to pass it through a strainer:
Fully Mixed, ready to be Strainned

Here is Myrtille's today's lunch:
Corns, Potatoes, Choi Sum and Brown Rice.

Here is another one:
Myrtille's Lunch
Porridge: Brown rice, cucumber, pumpkin.
Drink: Light Apple Juice.
Desert: Pear's Purée

Results: A satisfied little Tummy

That's all for today, I pray that you enjoyed it, and hope next time, I will be back again with some new plates in mind.