Monday, February 9, 2009

Suffering... becoming Blessing

Dear all,
Today I want to share a piece of Yukyin's thoughts about suffering:

"Concerning suffering, there are three types of person in the world:
-the people that suffer before feeling any pain.
-the ones that feel suffer as they feel pain.
-and the ones that does not suffer, but do feel pain.
I spent 3 months in a physical state of pain: bloating, vomiting, morning sickness, back pain, bed confined for weeks, insomnia, feeling itchy all over the body all around the clock, etc...

I was focused on my suffering and thus, I started to stray away from God. I don't read His Holy words, I don't pray. I was feeling pain and I suffered a lot.

Since two weeks, I have changed my way of thinking about my pregnancy, I started to realize that pregnancy would only last a few months in my whole life. So instead of being sad, I should start "enjoying" the limited time pregnancy's experience. In fact, it's a blessing from God that I can experience the pregnancy's suffering part and I really enjoy living this uneasiness with His presence in my heart.

It's not because I went past the first difficult trimester that I can change my way of thinking easily. In fact, I do feel a bit better but, my back pain is increasing, I still scratch myself everywhere when I am feeling itchy. My values are different, God is in my life, I have His Love, I thrust in Him and I do know that this is His Blessing. This is really meaningful to me.

In the meantime, I want to thank my husband who supports me everyday. He is the most precious in my heart.


Thanks my sweetheart.

When living a Faith in God, our values changes, I don't mean that we see every painful occasion as a joyful experience, but, because we have His love, we can more deeply feel His works when we are suffering. He has plans for our life, for each one of us, that's why any painful moment can become a blessing.