Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nanny Found!

Dear All,

God could not answer our prayers better, the nanny we found lives next door, she is mother of two and have some free time looking over our baby when he/she will born.

Actually, we just started to pray actively for this matter. One day, I met the Mr. Neighbor when I left for work and asked him if he knows anybody that would babysit living around. He answered that somebody living in the 11th floor kept his girl when she was young, but he does not know if it’s still the case.

Few days later (today), her wife push the doorbell and asked Yukyin if she would trust her and presented herself as a plausible nanny! Yukyin was more than happy. In fact, on the first day she met her when we moved in, the idea of having her keeping our future child went through her mind and now, it’s what actually will take place! :)

God really prepared us this place, he prepared my work to be close, he prepared the nanny, he prepared everything in our lives, we are very thankful for all he has done to us.

Dear reader, I pray that God bless more than what you could hope.

Praises to the Lord for His continuous work.